10/20/2007 07:19 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Stop Apologizing!

Nancy Pelosi did it again. One more apology on a stack of endless apologies from Democrats. Please stop being so damn weak. It's embarrassing to look at.

This time it was a rebuke of Pete Stark (D-CA) for saying the president is getting kids killed for his own amusement in Iraq. Amusement, ego, whatever. The kids are dying and it is all because of the president's vainglory. Pete Stark shouldn't be apologizing for that, Nancy Pelosi shouldn't be apologizing on his behalf or rebuking him, it should be the president who is apologizing!

Read this. It is the first article I ever wrote on Huffington Post. It's called the "Seven Step Plan for Media Domination and Opponent Destruction" and it's just as true today as it was over two years ago. The Republicans have done this countless more times since I originally wrote this article. The Democrats are apparently never going to catch on to this shell game.

But I'm long past waiting for the Democratic leaders to do the right thing or realize how badly they're being outplayed at every turn. It's time to start rooting for a new generation of Democratic leaders like Pete Stark and Chris Dodd. If they're ready to do the fighting, I'm ready to stand behind them.