06/23/2006 11:36 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

The Great WMD Lie

We are not concerned about weapons of mass destruction. We never have been. It is all an excuse to mask our real agenda. If we were actually concerned about WMD, then we would clearly have North Korea as our top priority.

If we cared about human rights and leaders that abuse their own people, then Sudan would be our top priority. But North Korea would probably come in second in this category as well. But the fact is we haven't addressed North Korea one bit since George Bush has come into office.

In the meanwhile, North Korea built anywhere between one to eight nuclear weapons and now they claim they can launch a missile that can hit anywhere in the United States. What have we done about it? Nothing. Not one thing.

No diplomacy. No military action. No threats. No talks. Not a damn thing.

Meanwhile, we are raising holy hell about a theoretical nuclear weapons program Iran might have in five to ten years. Right now, they have absolutely no nuclear weapon program at all. North Korea claims to have built a huge one right underneath George Bush's nose.

Why the disparity between our words and actions about Iran and North Korea? Because we don't give a damn about WMD. We never have. It's always been the convenient excuse to do things we actually want to do - regime change in Middle Eastern countries.

Some say it's because of the oil, some say it's for the neo-conservative plan for global domination (it sounds so Austin Powers like, it's hard to imagine they don't laugh when they say it among themselves).

Let me pause here to say that the neo-cons are perhaps the dumbest set of people we've ever had in this country. The fact that they are regarded as intellectuals is an insult to the word intellect.

Who is foolish enough to believe that Arabs in the Middle East would greet us as liberators if we invade their countries? Who is clownish enough to believe regime change or democracy in these countries would magically deliver leaders friendly to the United States?

Why have we allowed this tiny group of pseudo-intellectuals that have no voting base whatsoever to capture our foreign policy? This is madness. For the love of God, let's just buy the oil; it would be so much cheaper.

But putting aside the dispute over the real motivations behind our foreign policy, one thing is indisputable - WMD is not our real priority. If it was, we would spend all our time and energy on North Korea, not Iran (let alone Iraq, which we invaded when they had no WMD whatsoever).

Even if you believe this administration made an honest mistake about the intelligence on Iraq (in which case, you are at the very least being willfully ignorant, but I'm willing to get beyond it for the purposes of this argument), you have to wonder why they tried so hard to get themselves to believe Iraq had weapons when there was at best questionable evidence. While at the same time, there was overwhelming evidence about North Korea's nuclear weapon program and they did absolutely nothing. It wasn't just a WMD program, it was a nuclear program.

This disparity is inexplicable if you think the real threat and our real concern is WMD. And this inexplicable behavior continues to this day as we hype up a theoretical and vague future threat from Iran and completely ignore the real and credible threat from North Korea.

I am so tired of journalists and politicians in this country talking about these fake arguments as if they have any validity. We spend so much time and energy playing along with these games we know to be false.

Why doesn't a journalist just ask Bush this question - why do you pretend to care about WMD in Iraq and Iran and do nothing about real WMDs in Korea? Until he gives an answer that has any degree of credibility, they should stop covering the so-called threat from Iran as if it's a real story and something this administration actually cares about.

I thought we had investigative journalists in this country. Why don't they ask about the real motivations for our policy instead of this obvious load of crap they're being fed? Stop playing along in these ridiculous shell games and ask some real questions.

The Young Turks

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