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The Two Central Myths of the Iraq War

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Yesterday on our show I talked about the two central myths of the Iraq War:

1. There is no central government of Iraq who can take over as soon as we leave and run a peaceful, stable and flourishing Iraq.

2. More time in Iraq is not going to produce any more gains for us because we're headed in the wrong direction. More time might help if you're headed in the right direction, but only hurts your cause if you're going the wrong way.

Normally, I would write about this, but I think I explained it best yesterday on the show. Think about the business analogy at the end of this video -- under any other circumstance, we would never give more time and money for a failing enterprise like this:

And on top of this, of course there is the Petraeus Paradox -- if we're doing well in Iraq, that shows the extra troops helped so we have to stay; if we're doing poorly that shows we need more troops and have to stay longer. Hence, according to Petraeus logic, we can never leave Iraq.

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