12/11/2006 04:34 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Victory Monkeys

We are told that people who are being realistic about the situation in Iraq are "Surrender Monkeys." Of course, we are told this by the same small group of neo-clowns that people keep taking seriously because they have entrenched themselves in the media and positions of power. They have almost no constituency whatsoever, but people keep operating under the delusion that they do.

Who has ever voted based on what Richard Perle said? As someone smarter than me once commented, "Have you ever heard of a neoconservative plumber?" The neo-clowns have absolutely no voting base. Why people continue to listen to them as if they represent real people in the real world is beyond me.

So, Murdoch's legions now tell us that anyone who wants to have a realistic policy in Iraq wants to surrender. He unleashes his media dogs to call anyone who disagrees with them wimps, weaklings, quitters, monkeys, etc.

Why is it a one way street? Why can't I call Murdoch a monkey? His minions are the whining, screeching and yelping victory monkeys.

Murdoch goes around - since he is smarter, he actually sends his paid whores like Bill Kristol and the New York Post to do his bidding - telling everyone we can have victory!

This sounds like a football coach losing 42-0 in the fourth quarter yelling at the reporters on the sideline that he could still win if they just didn't keep putting the score up on the scoreboard. Although his game plan was awful and he got trounced on the field, he keeps yelling at everybody that they are quitters and monkeys. There isn't enough time to win anymore. The game has been lost for quite some time now, but we still have the raving coach saying we could win if we just throw a couple of more bombs.

Hundreds of thousand of people have died in this war. I don't understand how these people aren't sick to their stomachs every day for what they have done. I cannot relate to people who have no conscience. But what I will not stomach is a bunch of idiots who lost a war for us and got all those people killed unnecessarily tell me that I am responsible for not winning.

No, you started the war. You fucked up the war. You made a mess of the place. You had no plan. You still have no plan. And now you scream like a monkey about victories that don't exist. And you expect me to take you seriously. Get the fuck out of here.

If the rest of Washington had any sense and courage, that's exactly what they would tell these screeching victory monkeys. Far too many people have died while we listened to these fools to make that mistake for one more day. They've lost the lives of thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis for a worthless and nonexistent cause, and they still have the nerve to call us names.

Somebody grab some tar and feathers and let's get to work on these jackasses.

The Young Turks