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Web Ad for Bobby Jindal Uses Celebrity Voices (and Mine) Without Permission

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An ad on the web for Bobby Jindal uses a number of celebrity voices seemingly endorsing Jindal and offering high praise of the governor. The only problem is that all of the quotes are taken out of context and without permission.

How do I know? I'm one of the voices they used, which is quite curious because I am neither a celebrity nor anywhere near a Bobby Jindal fan.

Some of the other voices in the ad include Chris Matthews of MSNBC, David Gregory of NBC, Eugene Robinson of the Washington Post, Chris Wallace and Alan Colmes of Fox News (I believe Jay Leno is also in there, but that is not confirmed yet).

Of course, none of these people have endorsed Gov. Jindal and their quotes praising him are taken wildly out context. To give you a sense how absurdly out of context these quotes are, look at the Jindal promotional video below. Then look at the video they took my quotes from. Do I sound like I'm praising him in the second video?

Bobby Jindal for President, 2012:

Original Young Turks Video on Bobby Jindal:

Do I appear to be a big supporter of Bobby Jindal? The ad took my quote on how Jindal got accepted into all of these great schools and high positions in government. What it left out was the part where I said that was surprising given that he is otherwise, "Coo coo for Cocoa Puffs." How much more out of context could my quotes have been?

A group called "AmericaForChange" put up this promotional ad for Jindal on You Tube. I don't know who they are. They never contacted me to get permission to use my voice in their ad. I don't know if Gov. Jindal has any connection to them. If he does, he should renounce this practice of using unauthorized, out of context quotes from people who have no interest in endorsing or praising Gov. Jindal.

Watch The Young Turks Here

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