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Chicago Loses a King, Gains a Dictator

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Well, I guess it's official, Rahm Emanual is running for the office of Mayor of Chicago. I guess I could get conspiratorial and claim that besides the White House, "they" want to control the federal government and the third-largest city in the United States. However, I won't go there; I think it is more important to focus on the facts.

Rahm Emanuel resigned from his job as President Obama's Chief of Staff, to return to Chicago, and run for an office that's a been lifelong dream for him. Let me repeat that, a lifelong dream for him. Okay, if the job of being mayor was a lifelong dream for him then how could he not have been an advocate for better city government when he was Chief of Staff for the mayor, as a 3-term Congressman, and, oh yeah, served as Chief of Staff to the President of the United States of America. He has ignored the very public crime and graft in city government and the violence centered on school children, and world-class chaos of the city during his last two years, while flying in and out of the city, for meetings and fundraisers.

Rahm Emanuel is a man that thinks he is above the rules, regulations, and laws of the common citizen. In a statement released Sunday about his "listening tour" his first sentence was about his Israeli immigrant father, who belonged to the Israeli terrorist group called the Irgun. For some reason, this struck me as being strange since I understand the history of Israel, the Zionist movement, and the terrorist organizations that helped to form Israel in its early years. But with that not outstanding, I tried to put my intellectual perspective aside and digest the information he was disseminating via text and video media.

I took the time Sunday afternoon to visit Rahm's website. At the website I first read the transcript, then listened to the video. I must say I was quite impressed with the calm, well-spoken, easy manner of the Rahm on the video. However, we know by everyone who's worked with him, he is high spirited, volatile, and profane. Now granted some of these characteristics do not make Rahm Emanuel a bad person, in my eyes. Since sometimes, I'm characterized the same way. The difference is I am not a politician.

Mr. Emanuel says that he spent six years in Congress representing Chicago; he doesn't bother to mention that he spent time in the Clinton administration, and was asked to leave because of his extreme overbearing manner, to be concise and fair. He also didn't bother to mention that he made millions of dollars during that period as an investment banker, in a very short period of time. I noticed he didn't mention his service in the Israeli Army; he is above serving in the U.S. Army. Where does his loyalty reside, probably where his legal residence is! Oops, is that the suggestion of a residency issue? By the way Rahm, you were not a soldier in the U.S. Military, you were a P.A. Political Appointee, not covered under the same statutes. Shoot! I forgot the rules don't apply to you and your type, elite, Democratic leaders of some people.

Mr. Emanuel picks up immediately with his stint as Chief of Staff for Pres. Obama, and acknowledges that, "it was a great honor to work for him," but says, "now I'm glad to be home". His acknowledgment of "Chicago's a world-class city today because of Mayor Daley's leadership. He deserves our appreciation". Well, for those of you who listen to my radio show and follow my blog you know that I call Chicago world-class chaos. Anyone looking at the city outside of the downtown area would recognize that fact. Rahm's acknowledges that we're facing tremendous challenges contracting jobs to improving our schools that make your neighborhood safer in fact his quote is "we can have gang bangers taken the lives of our school children". Well that only seems important now that he's running for Mayor; when he was the Chief of Staff to the Pres. Obama neither he nor the president federalized troops to protect those schoolchildren.

Mr. Emanuel's "Tell It Like It Is" tour will be an eye-opener for him in regards to his image among the people of the city of Chicago. I can only hope that the citizens of Chicago look at his past track record, on the issues pointed out in his video and give him the thumbs down.