07/30/2008 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

California Teens And Jefferson Get Gay Marriage Right

A lot has been said about gay marriage. I myself have spoken a lot about it on radio and TV. That is why I wrote and directed this small little minute video below. Because Thomas Jefferson got it right hundreds of years ago, and gay teens in CA need his help, and the help of others, to make sure the state gets and keeps it right.

No matter where you stand, argue with them. Look at their faces and deny them what you, or others may have because of gender. Imagine being locked out of contract laws other can enter simply because of who you are going to enter the contract with and why.

They are the LGBT children of CA and I am proud to know them. They give my 40-something heart hope. And while anti-American religious organizations try to deny Equal Protection to our children under their distorted view of morality, spending millions they could be giving to so many in these times of need, so many homes could be saved by what these good godly people are spending, so many mouths fed, so many backs clothed... and yet, here they are, trying to tell our Supreme Court they got it wrong.

Well, here's the teenagers, the adults of tomorrow. And they won't forget what you do today.

(The video has a silent 20 second intro)