Democrats and Weiner: One Unfortunate, One Unforgivable

06/12/2011 08:36 pm ET | Updated Aug 12, 2011

I'll never forget the day that Nancy Pelosi, then speaker of the Democratic House of the United States Congress, said that impeachment of George W. Bush was "off the table." I'll never forget seeing her on a TV talk show asking the audience if "they knew of any impeachable offenses."

Pelosi was being derelict in her duty as Speaker of the House according to the Constitution and we all know the impeachable unindicted war crimes George W. Bush and his neonconservatives were committing.

So to hear her ask for Rep. Anthony Weiner's resignation on Saturday, June, 11, 2011 over NOT having an affair was amazing. To watch the Democrats turn on Weiner, whose sole crime appears to be... wait, there isn't one (as of yet)... is despicable. This is the party that sat idly by and watched Bush et al do their damage, that never met a war funding bill the didn't like, that sat from 2006-2008 in control of the House and didn't remove a soul.

But somehow a grown man sending naked photos of himself to grown women is just too much for them? Launching two illegal occupations? That's fine. Destroying the economy and then handing trillions, yes, trillions to your friends as you exit office, that's fine with Pelosi and her ilk. But a grown man sending a grown woman or women naked pictures of himself is too much? You mean all we had to do to get George W. Bush out of office was to... ick, never mind, even conjuring the image is too much. But it's true. Bush screwed us, and got two terms. Clinton got screwed by Republicans over an intern and got impeached, and Weiner just sent photos without ever really meeting any of the women and he's just screwed period. Now that's some priorities.

Normally, my blogs are 1000 words are more. But this is just ridiculous and really short and sweet. Democrats, the only body part we want you interested in is a spine; so stop obsessing over Weiner. We want less talk about Anthony's weiner and more talk about how you are going to stand up to the Republicans in Congress and their ridiculous demands when it comes to the budget. The Bush Tax Cuts are now 10, AIDS is now 30, Iraq is coming up on a decade, then Afghanistan. Libya is now three months old and will move in a year before we know it. There's 2100 sustained foreclosures a day, the housing double dip is official and no matter what Obama and others may say, the average worker's economic outlook is bleak.

Those aren't "serious" issues, they are country-ending crises and taking even one moment on Weiner and the nonscandal is unforgivable. Let Mrs. Weiner work it out. She worked for Hillary Clinton, she's no wuss.

So stop always thinking the worst crime a person can commit is a sexual one: at George Bush's orders over 100,000 Iraqi's and 4000 Americans died, dead, never to Tweet again. In Iraq last week five soldiers died, five, the bloodiest day since 2009, they'll never use a social network again. Then the United States approves three billion dollars for "private contractors" (read Xe) to protect diplomats in Iraq once we leave at the end of the year, three billion we don't have and you made comments all week about the appropriateness of a man's actions in front of his HOME computer or his PRIVATE Blackberry with GROWN WOMEN.

All I can say is Weiner may be a reckless, immature husband, but Democrats, you are proving to be negligent, self-centered representatives always missing the point.

Grow up. All of you.