Forget the Shoe, Throw the Book

01/16/2009 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

So an Iraqi journalist hurled the ultimate insult at George W. Bush on his farewell tour to the country formerly known as Iraq in the "Shoe Heard 'Roud the World" incident. I say so, because, really, so? Nothing could hit this President, he's become so adept at dodging things like questions, responsibility, accountability, impeachment, criminal trial...yes, he's dodged must worse than a dirty shoe thrown by a man who had been abducted and terrorized because of this man and his war.

And face it, we've all thrown things at Bush. How many times during one of his inane speeches have you, me, I, us, We, the People, hurled objects at the TV, from obscenities and choice phrases, outrageous laughter, shame, or even the remote, socks, hell, it' s probably not the first shoe thrown at him, just the first in person.

But why did it take a frustrated Iraqi to do what Americans should have done years ago: throw something at George W. Bush; no, not a shoe, but a book. A law book. A book containing the Constitution? Why haven't we thrown our considerable weight as a people (when united) behind a cause to impeach this man, or, if he leaves office prior, bring him and his cabal up on charges at the Hague?

I took off my shoes and threw them across the room the night of the incident in a show of solidarity. You should do it, it feels good. Truly. Right now, wherever you are, whatever you're doing, stand up if you can, grab a shoe, a HURL it in your yard or street or across your office. Don't hit anyone or anything. Just hurl it. Then hurl the other one. Imagine yourself in that press conference as you do it.

Better yet, imagine you're at your dinner table, home desk, dashboard of your car, wherever you plan your finances or go over the late notices. Imagine the frustration you feel this Christmas as you all but skip it because of housing crisis, gas, recession, inflation...while oil companies show record profits. Imagine your child's all but nonexistent college fund, or your copay on health care if you're lucky enough to have it. Imagine your country, once leader in the world, now fourth or fifth under China and Russia. Imagine the over 4000 dead Americans on foreign soil coupled with the $100 billion we now know was wasted (meaning stolen, pocketed) on an effort that was called reconstruction and did nothing but fatten wallets by millions of dollars while a nation starved and went underserved.

Yes, pick any horror of the last eight years and imagine it and then take off those shoes and HURL them across the room. We have just as much right as that journalist in the country formerly known as Iraq. After all, we are living in the country formerly known as great.

Our founders would approve. They would, and they would look to us in our country and say now that! That is the spirit of revolution. Because the "shot heard 'round the world" did more than cause a million press conferences or YouTube downloads, it caused a revolution. What revolution will this cause? Here? None. We're too lazy. In the country formerly known as Iraq they are rioting. The country is split. But they are acting out.

I don't know what it is going to take for our journalists to get this angry. They have been lied to for years under the guise of spin and now just accept it. What will it take of our people to get this frustrated? How much further do we have to sink as a nation before we start looking at this man and saying ENOUGH!

For instance, kick his ass, his administration's ass, ALL of their asses out of BLAIR HOUSE, our HOUSE by January 5th, 2009 so our future hope and President's kids can start school at no more expense to us (secret service, etc). Obama asked, Bush said "no." 70,000 square feet, four connected town homes, across from the White House and they say "no." Well, it's not theirs, it's ours, and we say "YES." Screw protocol. Get out now, we're not spending another dollar on you, and that includes housing for our future president while we've got a perfectly good guest house. Cancel whatever you have planned or move it, the landlord wants it back.

Despots don't get perks. Any of them. ENOUGH!

And no more "apology" interviews. The next interview Bush should do should be in front of jury on the stand.

In the country formerly known as Iraq it is an ultimate insult to hurl a shoe. In our country, for a President, it is the equivalent to spitting in the face. Well, George W. Bush and his cabal have spat on the Constitution, spat on Civil Rights, spat on the Geneva Convention, Kyoto Accord, spat on regulations for financial sectors, real estate moguls...basically spat on We, the People.

It's time we take the lead from that frustrated Iraqi and show our frustration with lawlessness and treason.

It's time we throw not the shoe, but the book, at this man and his friends. And we need to hit him dead on, square between his beady little eyes. We should hit him with laws, with crimes and indictments.

Or is this lone Iraqi braver than the entire legislature of the United States of America and legal tribunals of the world?