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Listen to We, the People, Not They, the Obstructionists

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Why on Earth are we listening to, encouraging, giving air time to or paying one bit of attention to anything a Republican Senator or Congressperson has to say that seeks to repeat past mistakes or tactics? I'm sorry, I'm tired of all this bi-partisan crap. That party, the party of historical non inclusion, of institutionalized bigotry, of fringe religious hatred does not get to magically revamp its image by electing an African American to lead it and pleading for cooperation while being obstructionists and while their members compare their party to an insurgency like the Taliban (Rep. Pete Sessions, R-Texas).

Neoconservative values, views and proponents are a conquered people. We beat you. You lost. Your views, your dogmas, your complete and blatant disregard for America or its people for your own greed and agendas...that LOST. So we beat you out with our votes, rightfully, because you were destroying the American spirit and America itself.

So, who cares what their wants or plans are? Look where their wants, desires and plans have gotten us. And if they had such innovative, country-saving ideas, where were they a year ago?

They wanted the war. They marched for it, pleaded for it, ran on it, campaigned for it, voted for it every single time, supported their President as they called any dissenters unAmerican and NOW they want civility and cooperation?

Say it with me, Poppycock.

The war is the major economic issue of our time. Not corporate greed. Not lobbyist. Not Wall Street. One of the largest drains on the US Economy is, continues to be, our empire building and the wars we are waging. Iraq is not over. We are still there and that's still $8-$10 billion a month. Even for 18 months that's almost $200 billion. They're screaming about $200 million or so for the Arts in the new Stimulus Package or other hot-button programs that account for less than one percent of the now $800 billion plus dollar package but $10 billion a month, sustained, is OK?

$800 billion. That's a lot. Not as much as we're going to spend on, say it with me, Iraq.

It's the war, stupid. Must I scream it? It's the WAR STUPID.

George W. Bush bankrupted America by letting his friends rape our country for eight years on Wall Street and in the Green Zone, Billions of dollars are missing from Iraq, just plain missing, like the bail out money we just gave to the banks by their own admissions. Billions more have been shot on programs that didn't work, rebuilding that never happened.

And we're now broke and are no safer. Case in point:

CNN reported on February 5, 2009: " WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Over the last several weeks a growing number of al Qaeda operatives have entered Yemen from Saudi Arabia and have established a renewed network that potentially threatens U.S. and Saudi targets in the region, both U.S. and Yemeni officials have told CNN.

Both U.S. officials said one of the major concerns is that a number of al Qaeda operatives have crossed the border from Saudi Arabia since a Saudi crackdown has stepped up. Al Qaeda, he said appears to be looking for a new place in the immediate area where it can still operate."

First of all, I have said from the beginning that Iraq was not the center of Al Qaeda nor was it the home of those that attacked us, it was and is Saudi Arabia. I have screamed on radio for years that the Saudi's look the other way as extremism and anti-Western sentiments are taught openly. And now look, the stream of "terrorists" is coming from where? Saudi Arabia.

Oh, but they've started a crackdown. Now? Eight years after 9/11. Geez, thanks.

So Republicans and their dirty little war bankrupted us and put us in harm's way. And now those same Republicans, or newly elected ones, are helping Rush Limbaugh get his wish by making Obama and America fail.

These people need to sit down and shut up and act like a conquered people. Maybe open casinos. But shut up. Let Obama lead, which means FOLLOW. For a change, follow a leader in the right direction, not off a cliff. Give it your all. Or get out. Make your opinions known, but then, sit down and realize your time is not now, it was then, and then sucked.

The time for civility (and this is directed to Obama as well) is over not beginning. The fact that these people are not being tried for War Crimes, destruction of a nation, every kind of ethics violations known to man or womankind and asked to either leave the country in exile or go on trial at the Hague should be enough. The fact that the Republican party is even still viewed as a credible political entity and not just a corrupt group of profiteers that should be disbanded and thrown out of the people's house all together amazes me (counting the total number of indictments, ethics violations or scandals in the Bush administration now replaces sheep for many while trying to go off to sleep).

And why we chose this moment in time to change the way we treat a conquered party or people is beyond me and probably upsetting to some American Indians or ANY minority in this country that has had to take a back seat while the ruling party ran their country in to the ground.

It's time we let people in Washington DC run amok, people that want to do good for a change. Let them spend away on things like Los Angeles' Subway to the Sea or any number of "shovel ready" projects of the future. Let them redesign our power grid. And yes, let them give money to the arts and education instead of to defense funding for a change.

And let's not let an agency that some deem unConstitutional in the first place, the IRS, be the arbiter of all people moral. I don't care who had what tax problems, can they bring health care to every American? Can they govern? Screwing the IRS is one thing, screwing the nation, another. Focus people, focus. If the only thing Democrats do is screw up on their taxes, consider yourself lucky after the last eight years.

And where were these voices of dissent and caution with George W. Bush as he spent more than any president before him, incurred more debt, created wars for profit and vanity, didn't fulfill one real promise he made, grew the government more than any other...where were they as he ignored Katrina, as he appropriated billions to remove a dictator that meant us no harm?

And where was this newly emboldened media, grilling Robert Gibbs each day as CNN and MSNBC and others now televise the daily press briefing...where was the curiosity and relentless grilling of Scott McClellan or Tony Snow or any of Bush's mouthpieces? Where was the broadcasting of everything Bush did, the scrutiny? The press has already asked for an apology from Obama over the Daschle incident and no Cindy Sheehan couldn't even get an a small chat.

So media, check yourself as well. Quit putting microphones in front of Republican spokespeople of any kind, from "political analyst" to the "strategists" or even the politicians if all they can do is bitch and moan and complain. Get over it. We heard your arguments and voted against them.

The media, the politicians and our three branches of government need to remember that we spoke and we were loud and clear in our message.

Now let Obama change things. Get out of his way. If he fails, we'll take him to task. But I guarantee, NOTHING he does, NOTHING you could consent to Congress or Senate, could do as much damage to our country as what you consented to and did prior to his getting in to DC.

Remember that.