No Cash for Crap Cars

12/02/2008 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011


Exxon Mobile has posted a $15 billion dollar profit this quarter. It's good news for them and their shareholders, as it is the largest profit in a quarter by any U.S. corporation in history, breaking their own record last quarter.


Now, autos are stupid hunks of old technology that basically only function as a conduit to the bank accounts of big oil. So when the American car companies that have been followers and not innovators for years, crumble because they make crappy products that no one wants or can use and should be making ones that are futuristic an innovative, they want we, the people to pay. Why us? Nokia wouldn't go to us for funding, they'd go to Sprint or some other symbiotic business. They overcharge us for vehicles that have destroyed the atmosphere and bankrupted families with no fuel efficiency and then ask us to help them keep doing it?

Say it with me, Poppycock.

What what happens when I take to the streets to talk about it.