Real Life vs. Hollywood

05/31/2007 05:32 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Republicans, make up your collective minds. Either Hollywood is filled with evil elitists, people who should shut up and act or sing and not meddle in politics, or, it's a proving ground for politicians. Please, come to some agreement because boy, as a party, you are sending mixed signals.

When Streisand speaks, or Dixie Chicks sing, all hell breaks lose. When Sean Penn (someone who has actually been to Iraq) writes an editorial or Rob Reiner starts a movement, well, as a whole you are quick to denounce them as the Hollywood power elite, part of the big lie of the liberal media. But the truth is, YOU are the ones that LOVE Hollywood.

Your greatest president? Reagan, an actor. Governor of California? Republican action hero Arnold. New shining hope for 2008? The guy from Law and Order Fred Thompson?

The fact is as a party you have elected to high places many people out of Hollywood, hell, to the highest of places. But aren't they part of this structure that you condemn so vehemently every chance you get? Don't they come from the same "liberal cesspool?" Or is it just stars that disagree with you that you don't like, much like Americans.

Yes, for years now, any American that has disagreed with you or your party has been, well, UnAmerican. And just like the double standard with Hollywood, you call others what you yourselves have become.

Every action from this Republican administration has hurt America. You know something is wrong when Miss USA gets booed by a Mexican audience at a pageant. Republicans have done more to destroy the credibility of this country than any other party in history, and yet, it's the Democrats that don't support the troops, are weak on terror and don't know how to run a country. Well, you've been wrong about everything, so it's safe to assume you're wrong about all of that, too.

And as for your fixation with Hollywood, I know there's only a few in it that support your ridiculous ideas and causes and when you find them, you have to latch on and promote them. But the White House? Come on, couldn't you just appoint a few Republican stars ambassador of this or that country?

I'm tired of people "acting" like president or governors or senators. We don't need actors in D.C., we've got enough people pretending to be what they're not. What we need are 'real" people there. People who have worried about health insurance. People who have lived off less than $50k a year for more than a year or two, people who know what it's like to chose between light bill or food. We need real people back in charge, not great pretenders.

And by the way, the same applies for the Democrats. You don't pull from Hollywood, you make your politicians in to Hollywood stars. Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Hillary, Obama, all given the Red Carpet treatment. It's this damned cult of celebrity, the same cult that gives us Lindsay Lohan passed out on the pavement with a "friend" holding her hood open so paparazzi can take a photo. Great friends. Enough! Celebrities we've got, we need leaders. Leave the glitz and glamour to Paris, Nicole, or whatever anorexic star of the week we're involved with at the time. Politics isn't glamorous, it's hard, unthankful work. Stop auditioning and start interviewing people. Elections are not the Oscars or the Golden Globes.

And a note to Americans: just because someone is a likable actor doesn't make them a good politician. If that were the case, I'd vote for President Bartlett (Martin Sheen). He governed for eight years without any major wars on TV. And CJ Craig (Allison Janney) could replace Tony Snow, and so on and so forth.

But this isn't a movie. It's real life. And real people are dying, and a real country is hemorrhaging. It's going to take more than the nice doctor from E.R. to stop that bleeding, or the kindly, just lawyer from Law and Order to fix our legal problems.