06/15/2010 02:43 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Time for the Ultimate Intervention, We're Ready Mr. President

President Barack Obama is not Aquaman, Iron Man, Superman or any other comic book superhero; nor did anyone ever expect him to snorkel down to 5000 feet with just a face mask and really big pliers and snip the gusher that BP opened through its negligence in the Gulf of Mexico shut.

However, he is the Commander in Chief and the nation's leader; the person the country turns to in crisis for guidance, for direction, for tone. He does control the most powerful military imaginable and there aren't many matters or industries in which he can't intervene.

And he can effect great change in the country; if he has the vision and the courage.

The media, particularly the right wing of it, has had a great time dissecting his every move in regards to the BP Oil Disaster in the Gulf (which is how it should be referred to by all media, but alas...). I certainly have gone on about it on my daily syndicated radio show as have my callers. But to what end?

Hopefully, to the speech the president will give Tuesday, June, 15, 2010 from the Oval Office about the spill. Hopefully more than money and financial responsibility will be discussed. Hopefully, President Barack Obama will shine brighter than any leader of the past and move this country in to the 21st century of energy by launching an Apollo mission, a Manhattan Project, his man on the moon moment. President Obama needs to free himself and the country of the stranglehold of oil companies, our drug pushers, and announce a real plan to get us the United States off of oil by the end of his second term. An Oilyvention, of sorts.

That's right, the end of his second term; A little over six years. Because we can, in fact, do it. The only ones that refuse to let us are the ones that are killing our oceans as we speak, and not just in the Gulf of Mexico, but all over the world. The ones whose pipes are leaking in to rivers all over the continent of Africa rendering them useless, in to delta's in Niger, sounds in Alaska, just pick the place and if there's oil, there's toxicity in some way shape or form; these corporations, these people according to the Supreme Court, have the money (and the patents on newer technology) to keep us in the stone ages. Let's see if they have this president as well.

This speech could change it all. Everything we know. He could end all offshore drilling within a year. Period. Cap off all the off shore wells. They are too dangerous. What kind of cataclysmic event needs to happen before We, the People are convinced of that? In five feet or 5000, one barrel of oil in the ocean is one barrel too many. We get about 1/3 of our total oil from our own sources. But remember, oil from the U.S. doesn't end up here. It is all sold on the world oil market, all mixed together. Of the 1/3 of the oil that we produce how much is from off shore sources? Not enough to warrant killing the very ocean whose floor you are piercing to get it. And according to the U.S. Energy Administration 2/3 of our oil is used for transportation, with gasoline accounting for 2/3rds of that figure. ( The first cars were electric. We can do better than inventors in the 1800s.

So we must act now. We are lubed, more than lubed, and ready to go. We are so lubed from Gulf Oil Obama could shove almost anything down us right now; Including no more oil by 2016. In six years we could make our entire fleet of trucks Natural Gas and all cars electric or other fuels. Yes, it would take government programs, retooling of plants, subsidies, etc. We've retooled before, to make completely different products; just look at WWII. We can do it again.

The Pacific South West generates more KW per square acre than almost any other place on Earth from the sun. So, every home and apartment complex that can goes solar immediately. As in, within 12 months. Again, we have the need, the workers, the technology. I went solar in under two weeks. Under two weeks people. And under $1500. Low interest loans, subsidies, whatever it takes to cover that, let's get it moving. Spend $3.5 billion dollars and build 10 solar plants (they are about $350 million each from Spain, who is building these all over the world for private companies) and start powering America. Europe has over 225 megawatts of power being generated by the sun. Now. So start building here in the next 12 months. Demand any car sold in the U.S. NOT use petroleum within six years. A credit will be given for your old petroleum car or it will be retrofitted. Start building the infrastructure. Now. Immediately. By December start building Natural Gas refilling stations along every interstate that there is, every major corridor.

In other words, put the country back to work using the technology we have right now to get us off oil by 2016. Lead.

Don't push for bills that do nothing, that raise CAFE standards to ridiculous levels in 25 years. We are now officially over oil as a people. The images of the dead animals that BP couldn't stop from getting out did it; the 11 dead workers did it. We're done. Tell us now we need to seriously kick it, be the Interventionist in Chief and give us a deadline, six years. We can do it. Yes we can. Change we can believe in; real change.

Because if we go back to oil and drilling in ANY way then this disaster meant nothing, we learned nothing, and as a nation we are in a stranglehold of big oil so tight even the most progressive president backed by the will of the people can't break it.

We need President Obama to be as done with oil as we now are and force industry to give us the alternatives they've had for years and facilitate the transition through an enormous governmental push.

Push us beyond oil. We're ready, Mr. President. Are you?

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