02/19/2007 02:26 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

You Mean You Can Stop This?

"I've been working with some of my colleagues to try to convince them that's the way to go - to repeal and restate the president's authority," Sen. Joeseph Biden said to CBS News. "Make it clear that the purpose that he has troops in there is to in fact protect against al Qaeda gaining chunks of territory, training the Iraqi forces, force protection and for our forces. It's not to get in the midst of a civil war."

"It is time to start redeploying the troops, within 90 days, and if we cannot make more progress it is time to go back and repeal the 2002 authority to go to war..." said Sen. Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail.

I sat, mouth opened, at the TV. Wait a minute, you mean, you, the Senate, the Democratic Senate that claims to have heard the message sent to you in the November Election, the Senate that now says you get it when it comes to mean you could end this madness, take away this dictator's power or at least send a strong message to the country and the world that you really do get it and it's time to do something drastic and you do what? Campaign? Sit around? Talk?

It's typical. And that's what's so sad. Everybody is so worried about their political asses they have totally forgotten to save ours, and those of our young men and women that are in the military. While they worry about how moves now will effect their future aspirations a war is waging and people are dying. Senators, how can you sit by and do nothing? Especially now that you've told us you can fix that controversial vote from 2002 by repealing it?

Yes, the chances are great that you won't get the 2/3rds majority and the President will Veto the bill. Or, maybe, just maybe, pressure will be so great from the public once you start the process to actually do it that Republican Senators will have to put down their crack pipes or whatever they're on and have a lucid moment or two and realize that putting the power of this war back in the People's hands (in the guise of Congress and the Senate) and out of the Presidents is not only the right thing to do but the ONLY thing to do. And, when will they learn on the Hill that that is how you will get elected again, that the only way to survive politically is to do what we want and we want out, soon. And we want out soon not because we don't believe in anything, but because we realize we have lost Iraq, that it is in Civil War and we cannot win there.

So, it's up to "We, the People" to keep reminding the Senators to begin this debate and this process now. As our President continues on his completely delusional, fiction-driven foreign policy likening the war on terror to the U.S. War for Independence--what an insult to those who fought that war and died in our honor, for our country, to establish our country--it is clear he doesn't have the mental capacity to wage this battle. The Senate must do an intervention and now we find out they can, that they can, in fact, repeal the single biggest mistake in recent Senate history, the 2002 Vote to give this man the power to wage an unjust war, and they must, they simply must try.

I don't know why CN-AnNa (since the 24 news network seems obsessed with Anna Nicole) or MsaNnaBC isn't covering this wall-to-wall, grilling Senators as to how they would vote, talking to public leaders, talking to the public itself. I don't know why ever major talk show on radio is not examining going back and repealing this vote at great lengths.

Maybe they'd fail. Maybe I'll never be the biggest syndicated radio host in the country. Maybe I won't make the 10 movies that I have scripts for and maybe I'll never have a platinum album. Maybe my next books won't become best-sellers, but does that mean I won't try? Does that mean in your life you don't try to achieve the highest of goals, the goals you want for your family because you may not achieve the goals? Of course not, it's the true American spirit to reach for the impossible, to stand on the Earth and look towards the moon and say, "we're going there..." Our Senate needs to remember on this President's Day, the spirit of some of those administrations. Administrations that faced insurmountable odds but took them on nonetheless not because victory was assured but because it was the right thing to do.

Senate, it is the right thing to do to repeal this 2002 vote or to at least go down trying. History will judge the actions of those that oppose this should it not get the votes or be vetoed. Let history sort that out. But do your job.

Biden, Obama, Clinton et al, if you want my vote in 2008 go back to the Senate Halls and do your job. Open a debate, introduce a resolution or a bill, go to the head of a committee whatever it takes to get the ball rolling and start the process to repeal your 2002 mistake. The genie is out of the bottle. You brought it up. Now, do something with it.