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More Fraud from the CEO in Chief

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Bush's speech was full of the same old tired terrorism fearmongering and fraudulent tripe about how he supports the troops (if so, then why did he and Rummy wait so long to send the troops armored vehicles? And how bout all those stories about veterans benefits cuts and budget shortfalls?).

Didn't it just remind you of that speech that Kenny Boy gave to Enron employees about how
now is as good a time as ever to buy the company's stock? Even while Lay himself, and Skilling and Lou Pai and other top execs were busy cashing in their shares.

And remember how Lay and other execs were able to cash out as the Enron employees' pension fund was locked down, forcing them to helplessly watch as the the stock dropped like a rock?

Doesn't that just sound like Cheney's friends at Halliburton -- cashing out while the reconstruction money's almost depleted and 50,000 troops are being told they''ve got no choice but to keep serving under the "stop-loss" program.?

Support our troops, indeed.

More like support the CEOS who've made a killing -- like bulletproof vest manufacturer DHB's CEO David Brooks -- who hauled in $70 million in 2004.

And you just know that just as Enron tried to create a market in weather derivatives, his speech was a not-so-subtle attempt to set off a run on war-against-Iran futures.

Then there was that part where he urged Congress to make his tax cuts permanent. Now doesn't that just harken back to the corrupt pattern of cashing out before the facade of Enronomics comes crashing down?

And then there's his justification for the shredding ... of the Constitution.

Yes, way back in 2000 Bush and Cheney promised to bring us a CEO presidency. That's just what it's turned out to be.

And we should trust them about as much as we'd trust "Kenny Boy" and his other close CEO friends.