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Charlotte Hilton Andersen

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The 6 Worst Mom Moments of 2010

Posted: 01/03/11 06:04 AM ET

From celebrity gaffes to wardrobe malfunctions to irritating toys, 2010 gave us a lot of fodder for "worst mom moments," but in the end we narrowed it down to these six (in no particular order -- who am I to say whether Justin Bieber is the greatest threat to national security?):

The Cage Fight That Is 'Teen Mom'
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What started out as "16 and Pregnant" grew this year from a disheartening yet totally gripping spectacle to the best PSA for birth control ever. Just this year, Farrah's mom went to jail for hitting her. Amber almost went to jail for hitting her boyfriend. And Maci didn't hit anyone, although we all kind of secretly wished she would kick her deadbeat baby-daddy to the curb. Oh, and now Amber is pregnant again! These girls make motherhood look like a cage fight, except less classy.
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How Awful Is It?
Like Stepping On A LEGO
Like Being Poked In The Eye With A Baby Spoon

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Worst Mom Moments
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What's your worst mom moment from this past year? The mommy blogger wars? The Dunkin' Donuts breastfeeding fiasco? The death of Corey Haim (and a hundred adolescent fantasies)?


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