07/25/2014 11:43 am ET Updated Sep 24, 2014

The World's 10 Most Extreme Eats: How Many Can You Stomach?

From belly-busting portions to deadly dishes and creatures you didn't think it was possible to fry,'s list of 10 unbelievable, extreme foods will test your appetite.

  • The world’s smelliest cheese kicks off its extreme culinary journey in France. If you thought your dad’s Christmas stilton was bad, head to Boulogne-sur-Mer, near Calais, France, and grab a slice of the Vieux-Boulogne. This unpasteurized cow’s-milk cheese has been scientifically proven to be the smelliest tested — its scent not unlike a “farmyard.” Cheese connoisseurs insist it actually tastes great, though. Hmmm… Photo credit: Cheese by Jacob Enos, Flickr
  • The world’s most poisonous fish
    With its moment in the spotlight arriving after Homer Simpson’s run-in with a trainee sushi chef, fugu, or pufferfish, is a Japanese delicacy — but its organs also contain one of the world’s deadliest poisons: 1,200 times stronger than cyanide. To avoid this, the sashimi is only prepared by those who have undergone years of training, but until 1984 the dangerous liver was still eaten by some to give an extra “kick." Photo credit: Little Fugu by Jim, Flickr
  • The world’s most over-ambitious eating challenge
    Ever since “Man vs. Food” came onto the scene, the world has been overcome by the competitive eating bug. However, we think The Duck Inn in Redditch, England, has gone too far. The inn offers the challenge of a whopping 150-ounce steak, which weighs about as much as a newborn baby, and is topped with mountains of onion rings and fries. Intimidating even for the most avid of meat lovers… Photo credit: Steak by Taryn, Flickr
  • The world’s hottest curry
    Many claim to have the world’s hottest curry, but when we found out the chef at New York’s Brick Lane Curry House wears a gas mask to cook the restaurant’s phall, we knew this was a winner. Made with eight Bhut Naga Jolokia chillies, which are also used in tear gas, this curry measures 1 million on the Scoville scale and has reportedly brought on profuse sweating, hallucinations and vomiting. Photo credit: Curry by TMAB2003, Flickr
  • The world’s most arachnophobic snack
    In Skuon, Cambodia, fried tarantulas are a local favorite that have turned into a tourist rite-of-passage — baskets full of these creepy-crawlies are now sold on the side of the road. Fried in garlic and oil until crisp, they taste like chicken (obviously), but the worst thing for travelers is probably knowing there are so many of these spiders yet to be eaten… Photo credit: Tarantulas, deep-fried by Kent MacElwee, Flickr
  • The world’s toughest cup of tea
    If just looking at this photo makes your palms sweat you probably won’t want to climb China’s Mount Hua Shan. Here, without any safety gear, thousands scale sheer cliff faces, clinging for dear life on chain rope and plank ledges — all to reach a tiny tea house perched at the top. Um, should we just put the kettle on? Photo credit: Mt Hua Shan by Ken Marshall, Flickr
  • The world’s most wicked garlic breath
    No amount of toothpaste will save you at Garlic & Shots in London, a restaurant where every dish comes with garlic as its primary ingredient. Hardy vampire-phobes stay protected by stocking up on “blood shots” made with tomato juice, chilli vodka and a clove, while the hardcore enjoy garlic ice cream. Beware of your breath. Photo credit: Garlic & Shots by Amy Truter, Flickr
  • The world’s most excruciating hangover
    Call it a shot with a bite, but snake wine does what it says on the bottle: Whole venomous snakes are steeped in rice wine and sipped in small doses. Left long enough, the ethanol dissolves any poison, making it a popular drink across Vietnam, Taiwan and China. Trying some snake wine by Lindsey, Flickr
  • The world’s worst eggs
    “How do you want your eggs? Scrambled, fried, cooked in boys’ urine…?” Yup, in Dongyang, Zhejiang province, China, urine is collected from school toilets and eggs are slowly boiled in it until hard. A similar process to tea eggs, but known as virgin boys eggs, this springtime delicacy is believed by locals to improve yin deficiency. We double-dare you. Photo credit: Tea egg by Omid Tavallai, Flickr
  • The world’s most fattening treat
    With 45 grams of fat per serving, deep fried butter is our extreme food challenge of choice at the Iowa State Fair in the United States. Based on its popularity, we’re gonna guess this actually tastes delicious — and if you managed to eat any other thing on this list, you probably deserve this for dessert. Photo credit: Deep fried butter at Santa’s Enchanted Forest by Bob B. Brown, Flickr

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