10 Feasible Travel Resolutions

01/05/2011 04:22 pm ET | Updated Sep 20, 2011

The start of a New Year is an exciting reason to make a travel resolution. Travelers with a bucket list of places to see often begin to polish and fine tune their destinations. Meanwhile, new travelers might be ready to start a new adventure, or buy their first piece of luggage.

Travel is a great leisure activity for people with lots of positive energy for a New Year. Keeping travel resolutions might seem far-fetched when you're working or unemployed, but they're not entirely impossible.

First stamp in passport: There has to be a study of a record number of people who have a passport but have yet to rough it up. A passport is your best traveling companion and what good is to have one if it is not being used properly? Do yourself a favor and plan a trip abroad and get that special first stamp in your passport!

Travel with your best friend: Since your passport is your best friend, what better way to travel than to bring your own best friend? Often do people think of vacations as trips with a spouse, or for a business trip, but not one with their best friend. Make it a habit of taking one trip a year to reconnect with your best buddy; a girlfriend getaway or a trip to Vegas for the guys.

Pay for an upgrade: If you've never flown first class, you're familiar with the infamous walk of shame. You walk to the back of the plane; looking at the first class passengers nestled comfortably in their seats. You could be that first class passenger if you spend some extra bucks for the upgrade. Everyone should do this at least once in their life to feel like a million bucks on a flight.

Plan a stay-cation: Traveling doesn't always have to be across an ocean or a country, nor does it have to be in your own city. Planning a stay-cation within a small radius of your area can be easier than you think. How often do you think about your surrounding close-by cities as a place to relax and unwind? You'll be surprised how relaxed and away you might feel, but content at the low-cost and fewer travel woes.

Plan an internet-free vacation: We all can be slaves to technology with iPods, net books and Wi-Fi during our travels. Why not go back in time and leave all the excess technology behind? Plan a transcendental trip to a cabin, ski resort or tropical paradise with only your ultimate necessities. You'll feel more in touch with nature and less in touch with overage fee's or technological malfunctions.

Learn how to pack properly: Packing can be like gift-wrapping; unique and often stressful. If you've made one resolution to wrap gifts properly, make it your travel habit to be a better packer. Learn how to pack for different kind of trips: Overnight, International, and Weekend getaways. This will be the resolution that will help you beyond the New Year.

Start a souvenir collection: As obnoxious as typical souvenirs can be, such as mini Eiffel Towers or "I Love NY" t-shirts, some souvenirs are actually interesting. Starting a souvenir collection of unique items can make for a constantly good reason to travel. Collect something that reflects your personality; if you're a fashion designer, buy sewing material abroad and make your own shirt from it. Or, if you're a beer aficionado, make it a reason to try a beer in every city and perhaps bring one home.

Plan a holiday abroad: As crazy as the holiday season can be, holiday travel is becoming more of a social habit. Plan the unorthodox holiday by doing something new, such as having the family meet and travel in a new city. You've got all year to plan and save so there is no excuse!

Learn something abroad: One can easily kill two birds with one stone with this travel resolution. Perhaps you've made a decision to learn a new language, or take cooking lessons to master the art of cooking. Take yourself abroad to Italy if you're learning Italian, or Peru to take inexpensive cooking classes. Not only does it give you a chance to travel, but the experience is amplified by being in that region.

Travel less to travel more: Often times travelers are so busy being tourists that they forget to take a deep breathe and soak up the experience. Take time to travel less to fully enjoy where you are. Rather than bouncing around cities to make the most out of a trip, take it easy and enjoy your surroundings. Spend more time in one city you might particularly like to be a local expert and find reasons to visit again.

What is your travel resolution for 2011? Leave a comment below!

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