03/03/2008 12:50 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Open Letter to Our Candidates

Is this election about substantive political philosophy, track record and proof of ability, or is it about entertainment and personality? I want to know answers. It's getting tedious watching and reading about thinly-veiled put-downs and what has become a continuous dart game. Talk to me about how you're going to solve the huge problems the current administration has either created, or exacerbated.

What steps will you take to resolve labor and trade issues and ensure consumer protection? No matter how nationalistic and patriotic we are, the truth is, our United States are part of the global market, and we will be held accountable for how fairly we play in it. What are our elected leaders going to do to protect consumers -- including children -- from unhealthy products?

What will be done to mitigate rising food costs? At a time when unpredictable climate changes are negatively affecting crop yields, and the fact that it has become more profitable for some farmers to switch from producing eatable staples like soybeans to growing corn for bio-fuel, what are your plans for how we -- one of the most prosperous nations on the planet, can continue to help the World Food Program feed a hungry global populace?

What will you do -- not posturing, but concrete plans -- to mend our international relationships and forge realistic alliances? Foremost in our minds of course, is Iraq -- but what about the ongoing struggle in Afghanistan, and the volatile political climate in Pakistan?

In a world where nuclear power is a reality and nuclear warfare is a threat, what will you do to contain such threats? What is your strategy for our dealings with Latin America, and how can we build our relationships with Russia, and China? How will you help make peace in the Middle East, and what can you do to support the peaceful efforts of Israel -- our one democratic ally in that region?

National security and battling terrorism are not only crucial concerns, they are existential. What will you do to correct past mistakes and ensure the ongoing safety of our citizens and our borders?

My list of questions goes on to include such national concerns as, affordable ubiquitous healthcare, education, infrastructure updates, ecology, a fair system of taxation, guest worker permits, and disaster preparedness. Obviously, there are more.

I care very little about how many pizzas and food platters the candidates for president of our country have purchased, or how much they've spent on advertising. I am seriously worried about the mess that has been made of the world we live in, and what I really care about is what our candidates are prepared to do about it.