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Alexandra Pisano

How Close Is Too Close?

Alexandra Pisano | Posted May 11, 2012

The surgeon saved your life. Do you hug him to say thank you?

What if your doctor gives you a grim diagnosis? Would you want his arm around your shoulder?

Do you let the nurse who delivered your healthy baby hug you?

David J. Cross

What Would the White House Cost if it Were in Your Backyard?

David J. Cross | Posted May 10, 2012

Last week, Movoto asked The Koitz Group to estimate the value of the White House. The boutique real estate firm came back with a list price of somewhere between $110 and $115 million -- just for the building and its 132 rooms. This didn't include any of the...

Wray Herbert

Myopic Misery: The Financial Cost of Sadness

Wray Herbert | Posted May 10, 2012

Nobody likes to feel bad. Sadness saps our energy and motivation. Melancholy wrecks our health and invites disease. Misery leaves us -- well, miserable. Yet many experts believe that these negative emotions have an upside, that they clarify our thinking and foster more deliberate and careful decision making. Some even...

Robert Koehler

The Moral Arc of the Universe

Robert Koehler | Posted May 10, 2012

The city of Chicago and the federal government will be putting on a $55 million security extravaganza later this month in part to protect NATO delegates, representing the most powerful military force on the planet, from nonviolent protesters who want to see an end to war.

Think of...

Matt Farmer

Teachers Don't Like Bullies

Matt Farmer | Posted May 10, 2012

A couple of voices from Mayor Emanuel's "education reform" choir are up in arms because some public school teachers are now talking seriously about the possibility of a teachers' strike in Chicago later this summer.

The mayor's folks are outraged by such talk -- and by recent reports of mock...

James Franco

Gimme Some Shelter

James Franco | Posted May 30, 2012

I spent the weekend in New York City. After taking a 6 a.m. flight from New Orleans, I landed at LaGuardia and went straight to Queens, where my NYU students were shooting the last segment of their collaborative film based on the poet Stephen Dobyns' 1984 collection, Black...

Joseph Gerson

Don't Believe the NATO Hype: Alternatives Exist to War, Economic Crises

Joseph Gerson | Posted May 16, 2012

As the NATO summit in Chicago approaches, misplaced paranoia is striking deep. A near-police-state regime is being imposed, not only to "protect" heads of state from protesters, but also to severely limit the freedoms of speech and assembly. Even nurses -- the United States' most trusted medical professionals -- have...

Tio Hardiman

Violence Spreads Like an Infectious Disease

Tio Hardiman | Posted May 10, 2012

Throughout the history of the world violence has wiped millions of people off the face of the earth just like some of the many diseases or plagues such as small pox, tuberculosis, AIDS, cancer, and diabetes. If one could go back to the beginning of civilization you can clearly see...

Todd Jacobson

WNBA Cares Week

Todd Jacobson | Posted June 20, 2012

What do you think of when you think of the WNBA?

If you're like most people, you probably think of basketball, and rightly so -- the best women's basketball in the world is played by our 12 teams. As the league ramps up for its 16th season, it has become...

David Protess

Christopher Drew, in Memoriam

David Protess | Posted May 16, 2012

Many Chicagoans came to know Christopher Drew from his artwork, which he hawked rain or shine on the streets of the Loop -- until he was arrested while protesting the growing restrictions on its display and sale.

Charged with violating the city's peddling law, Drew found himself in more trouble...

Elysabeth Alfano

Highlights from the April 30th The Dinner Party

Elysabeth Alfano | Posted May 10, 2012

The April 30th Dinner Party was by far the most fun yet! Nora Dunn, before performing, had everyone in stitches with her impersonation of people from Forest Park and Lorne Michaels. Lane Alexander, after tap dancing to Bach and seeing the designs of Peach...

Kyle Hillman

Who Is the Next Joe Moore?

Kyle Hillman | Posted May 10, 2012

Watching April 24th's debate on the Infrastructure Trust proposed by Mayor Rahm Emanuel got me thinking, since Alderman Joe Moore is now the mayor's supporter, who is going to be the next Joe Moore?

Anyone who watched the political landscape over the last 20 years of Mayor Richard M. Daley's...