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Sabrina Stevens


The Real Stand for Children

Sabrina Stevens | Posted November 12, 2012

As in many cases throughout our history, it is the educators and public school advocates standing on the picket lines who can rightly claim they stand for children (and everyone else!) -- not the officials who forced them into the streets, or those officials' allies.
Richard Brodsky


Chicago Teachers Strike: Obama and Romney Try to Sort It Out

Richard Brodsky | Posted November 12, 2012

The seemingly out-of-the-blue Chicago teachers strike is deeply complicated, very important, and a potential political game-changer. Every question about American education and the presidential race is part of the strike.
Zach Stafford


Guilt Isn't a Job Benefit

Zach Stafford | Posted November 12, 2012

You have a little guilt hanging out in the back of your mind. You're now a part of the American workforce, but some of your friends still are jobless, causing you to feel guilty whenever you're hanging out with them. I'm here to say: Stop feeling guilty.
Justin Barbin


Windy City Street Style: Renegade Craft Fair (PHOTOS)

Justin Barbin | Posted November 12, 2012

Boasting over 300 craft artists from across the country, the Renegade Craft Fair left many a wallet a bit lighter thanks to booths that ranged from recycled time piece jewelry to food-shaped plushies to knick knacks from the past and present.
Chris Williams


Voting Matters

Chris Williams | Posted November 12, 2012

The importance of voting is paramount in this 2012 election cycle, because if Americans choose not to fight these vicious voter-ID laws or stay at home once again, the future of the United States will be bleak, and history that we want no part of will be made.
Donna Solomon, DVM


Selecting a Veterinarian

Donna Solomon, DVM | Posted November 12, 2012

I think it is exceedingly important for pet owners to select their "chosen" veterinarian and not just settle on the nearest or cheapest veterinary clinic available. It is a crucial relationship that will enhance your pet's quality of life and hopefully last decades.
Doug Ibendahl


Republicans Forfeited Right to Gloat About Chicago Teachers' Strike

Doug Ibendahl | Posted November 12, 2012

Teachers in the third-largest school district in the nation went on strike Monday morning. It's been 25 years since Chicago teachers walked a picket line. Rahm Emanuel is doing the right thing. He's standing up to the Chicago Teachers Union.
Craig Follins


Help Keep America Moving: Join the TDL Industry

Craig Follins | Posted November 12, 2012

Many people here, however, are unaware of the growing opportunities in the TDL field, which encompasses road, air, rail and maritime subsectors. Even in our global economy, geography still -- to a significant extent -- influences one's destiny.
Jack Jennings


When Politics Comes First: The Reasons Republicans Shifted to Supporting Private Schools

Jack Jennings | Posted November 12, 2012

All of the Republicans' talk about giving parents the right to choose in education is a politically expedient strategy -- just beneath the surface of the rhetoric are political motivations to thwart integration, weaken the Democratic coalition, and cripple the teachers' unions.
Anthony E. Munroe


A Two-Word Mantra for Adapting to Changing Healthcare Landscape

Anthony E. Munroe | Posted November 12, 2012

Those of us in the healthcare profession, whether educators or healthcare professionals, must collaborate and invest to keep up with the changing American landscape. Our ability to provide quality care depends on it.
Marcus Samuelsson


Eat Globally, Eat Better!

Marcus Samuelsson | Posted November 12, 2012

Here are 10 of my favorite recipes that highlight dishes that are so full of flavor you don't have to eat a lot.
Susan Eleuterio


A Former Teacher's View of the CPS Teachers Strike

Susan Eleuterio | Posted November 12, 2012

As a former classroom teacher (and the soon to be mother-in-law of a dedicated CPS teacher), I'd like to add my two cents to the commentary on the now two-day-old Chicago Public School Teachers strike.
Mark Bazer


David Cromer Talks 'Sweet Bird of Youth' Starring Diane Lane at The Goodman

Mark Bazer | Posted November 12, 2012

Director David Cromer talked aging, optimism vs. pessimism, and his newest play, a revival of Tennessee Williams' Sweet Bird of Youth starring Diane Lane and Finn Wittrock at the Goodman Theatre. Previews begin Sept. 14.
Michael Brown


Ending the Dropout Crisis: The Next Moon Shot

Michael Brown | Posted November 12, 2012

Just 12 percent of America's high schools produce half of the nation's dropouts. For an education moon shot, improving the nation's chronically underperforming schools is where the Eagle has to land. And like the moon landing, it will take new technologies to solve the dropout crisis.
Michael Rusin


What's Happening in Chicago Right Now: A Note to My Former Students in Los Angeles

Michael Rusin | Posted November 12, 2012

For the past two days, Chicago teachers have gone on strike for a variety of issues. Read about this issue in the news media with a careful eye: this is a strike about the future of public education in the United States.
Sandra Fluke


We're Not 'The Entitlement Generation'

Sandra Fluke | Posted November 12, 2012

We agree that "we've got Americans who are struggling." Our question is why so many elected officials have only one answer for them: cutting their safety net while telling them to "go get a job." My generation is looking for better answers than that.