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Chloe Angyal

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Everything I Wish I'd Known During a Decade of Painful Sex

(103) Comments | Posted July 28, 2015 | 11:30 AM

kriti kaur huffington post

Dear Chloe,

You're going to lose your virginity tomorrow. That's the expression you use, because although you're a baby feminist, although you read The Beauty Myth and The Feminine Mystique in 11th grade and have spent the last...

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This Month's Playboy: A Little More Feminist Than Usual?

(2) Comments | Posted April 16, 2010 | 3:07 PM

This month, Playboy magazine features photographs of Ashley Alexandra Dupré, the escort-turned-advice columnist whose name became synonymous with the downfall of former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer almost two years ago. Dupré graces the cover wearing nothing but a bed sheet, and inside the magazine, she's wearing far less.

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Hungry for Change: Why Media Literacy Alone Won't Make Women Love Their Bodies

(4) Comments | Posted March 27, 2010 | 3:23 PM

Last November, the Girls Scouts Research Institute, in partnership with the Dove Self Esteem Fund, asked one thousand teenage girls about fashion, the media and body image. The recently released findings are worrying. Eighty-eight percent of girls surveyed said that the media "place a...

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Sex and Power, From North Carolina to Congo

(127) Comments | Posted March 11, 2010 | 12:57 PM

Last weekend in Hickory, North Carolina, a man was arrested and charged with raping a woman. According to Charlotte's Channel 9 News, the forty-one-year-old man was charged with first-degree kidnapping, first-degree rape and assault with a deadly weapon. Why assault with a deadly weapon? Because after he raped...

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Joannie Rochette, already an icon

(1) Comments | Posted February 24, 2010 | 12:20 PM

Last night, the world watched in wonder as Canadian figure skater Joannie Rochette took to the ice in Vancouver and skated her short program before a roaring home crowd. The program, which earned Rochette the highest score of her skating career, put her in third place going into the long...

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This Valentine's Day, You Shouldn't Put a Ring On It

(2) Comments | Posted February 10, 2010 | 10:54 AM

In the run up to Valentine's Day, many jewelry companies are resurrecting the ads they ran during the Christmas season. You know the ones I'm talking about: the one where the couple is strolling past the café where they had their first date, or the stoop where they shared their...

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More Than Words: The Rape Metaphor

(3) Comments | Posted January 11, 2010 | 10:55 AM

Last week, I wrote about the "pro-rape" Facebook group that was created by young men at the University of Sydney. The group, which was called "Define Statutory" and described itself as "anti-consent," was at the center of a controversy when its existence was discovered by the...

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New Media Embraces Old Media's Male-Centricity

(12) Comments | Posted December 13, 2009 | 5:27 PM

Earlier this month, the Washington Post announced the winner of its America's Next Great Pundit contest. The competition came down to three finalists: author Courtney E. Martin, social media consultant Zeba Khan and Teach for America executive Kevin Huffman. After several weeks of challenges and eliminations, Huffman, a gifted and...

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