Pictures: Lindsay Lohan's Courtroom Style

03/14/2011 03:04 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Lindsay Lohan spends a lot of time in the courthouses of Southern California, so we guess she may as well look fabulous while she's there. After all, a designer wardrobe is a terrible thing to waste!

In February, Lindsay made headlines when she pleaded not guilty in a white dress by Kimberly Ovitz; media types made haste to point out that the dress' super-short hemline derailed the message of purity intended by its hue. But on Thursday, the 24-year-old appears to have tried to tone things down: LiLo covered her legs in opaque black tights, ostensibly to counterbalance the liquid leather of her mini dress with its full-length zipper down the back ($725 by Raquel Allegra). In the exact shade of po-po taupe and topped with classic aviators, Lindsay seems to have taken aim at sexy cop style. Appropriate, non?


But the poor dear can do no right in the critical media eye: Even when she appeared at court, on February 23, in head-to-toe Chanel (what could be more classic?!), her $8K outfit was panned for its cost (never mind the cleavage). But Lindsay wasn't always so high class: Short shorts, clogs and a potty mouth manicure have also made their way into Lindsay's courtroom repertoire.


Something tells us Lindsay hasn't seen the last of Lady Justice. Until next time, check out our slideshow of Lindsay Lohan's courtroom fashion!