Teenagers Get Serious!

03/07/2009 01:29 pm ET | Updated Nov 17, 2011

Many people tend to not take teenagers seriously in complete honesty when they say they want to do something or they have a goal. It's true they're still young and changing their minds often, and figuring out what their interests are, but when a teen is really motivated about something and determined to achieve it, you better believe they will.

I sometimes don't stick to my plans I have had for a specific goal, or even ever complete that goal. It's only human to have changing interests and wavering attention when growing up. But this doesn't mean I can never achieve something even if I really want to at the time. I learned that if I set my mind to something, I can achieve it. This is what I live by, and it certainly gives me more inspiration than sitting around being negative about what I can and can't do. Shoot for the stars. Live your dreams. That is how I think everyone should live their life.

At the Elite Retreat last month (see my previous post), Gary Vaynerchuk was talking about the same concept. Don't be afraid to have too big of a dream. The bigger, the better. What use is a dream if it's something easy or simple, or something you wouldn't have to work hard towards to accomplish? And if you are really passionate about this dream, then you've won. You've just put yourself above everyone else trying to do the same thing but without real passion or fire, or a love for it. And what difference would it make whether you're 45, 25, or even 17? Humans are all capable of success. One just needs the determination and strength of mind. "Young and successful", today, go together like waffles and maple syrup! Teens and young people all over the world have discovered niches where they can be extremely successful. Whether it be making Myspace layouts, like Ashley Qualls, or like Harrison Gevirtz, with arbitrage and affiliate marketing. Kids are passionate about what they're into, and have all the tools to be successful with access to the Internet. Online success is sky-rocketing, and success in young people is soaring right along with it.

If you are a teenager, believe in yourself and strive to achieve even your biggest goals. If you have a teenager, encourage them to live out their dreams and try not to be doubtful, no matter what they may be shooting for. Believe in them! And those that are skeptical about teenagers accomplishing what they've set their mind to, or making decent even huge amounts of money on their own, read some of the stories I have linked to on other "whiz" kids. Ashley Qualls is the perfect example. I've spoken on panels with many other tech-savvy teens at other conferences too! Perhaps you may even want to check out my story--take a look at Or you can read my story on, an interview from 2006, when I had just started my first website.

I know I'm not where I want to be yet, but I'm certainly on my way. The path to my goals is lying right in front of me, and I'm only just beginning to take the first steps.