Commentary on FOX News and Its Recent Mobile Site Redesign

03/27/2010 02:23 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

A recent interview in Mobile Marketer with Scott Margolis, director of digital business evelopment for FOX News, a 2ergo client, outlined the importance of consistency and user experience in the development and design of a mobile Web presence. Scott echoed a number of the key best practices we associate with a successful mobile marketing strategy. Here are some excerpts from that interview and my thoughts on Scott's insights.

Mobile Marketer
: "As phones become smarter and smarter, do you expect most mobile sites will redesign to have more of a consistency between online and mobile?"

Scott: "Yes. As the phones get smarter and as the wireless networks get faster, we are able to provide a more consistent experience between our online and mobile properties. With the advances in technology, it becomes much easier for us to improve the site layout and introduce things like rich graphics and photos, making the look-and-feel of our mobile site similar to our online site."

I could not agree more, and would add that as important as consistency is to preserving the brand, "cut and paste" does not work in the mobile Web environment. Traditional Web sites and the copy that accompanies these are developed for larger screens and longer viewing times. This does not translate well in the mobile world, so we always recommend rethinking the way you approach and deliver content to the mobile user. Think "sound bites" and "information on-the-go", and with that in mind do your best to make it easy to digest for mobile consumers.

The following question and response speaks to what I mentioned above...

MM: "How have you altered the user experience?"

Scott: "Individuals who consume content on-the-go most likely do not have much time. We are cognizant of that and have streamlined the navigation to get users to the content they want with as few clicks as possible. We also feature different content sections on a rotating basis to allow our users to discover more content."

...and also communicates another important aspect of mobile site development. Keep it up to date and cycle new content in on a regular basis. In this age of on-the-go consumers who quickly devour information, brands are expected to stay relevant. Stale does not work on the traditional Web and is even worse on the mobile Web.

You can view the new mobile site from FOX News on your mobile phone here.

Look forward to future posts on best practices in mobile Web and mobile marketing campaign development.

Chris Brasington

CEO Starfish Consultants