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My Favorite Records of the Decade

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Disclaimer: The list is subject to change the very second that it's posted.

Yes, this is what I'm doing on New Years Eve. And I guess it makes sense. Nothing has given me more pleasure this year and this decade than music. It's my therapist, joy, shoulder, understanding and just about everything else that compliments the emotions that run through me. It creates connections with not only friends, loved ones and strangers, but with the world.

The following are the twenty records released in the 2000s that meant the most to me. Are they the best? Well, to me, yes. Now go out and buy some (all) of these.

20 Easton Stagger Phillips : One For the Ditch (2008)
19 Son Volt : Okemah and the Melody of Riot (2005)
18 Bruce Springsteen : The Rising (2002)
17 Arcade Fire : Neon Bible (2007)
16 Damien Jurado : Where Shall You Take Me? (2003)
15 Bonnie "Prince" Billy : Master and Everyone (2003)
14 Robert Becker : Lot #99-0038 (2000)
13 Marah : Kids in Philly (2000)
12 Richard Buckner : The Hill (2000)
11 Okkervil River : The Stage Names (2007)
10 Elliott Smith : Figure 8 (2000)
9 Josh Rouse : 1972 (2003)
8 Aimee Mann : The Forgotten Arm (2005)
7 Slobberbone : Everything You Thought Was Right Was Wrong Today (2000)
6 Eels : Blinking Lights & Other Revelations (2005)
5 Centro-matic : Love You Just the Same (2003)
4 Arcade Fire : Funeral (2004)
3 Josh Ritter : The Historical Conquests of Josh Ritter (2007)
2 Wilco : Yankee Hotel Foxtrot (2002)
1 The Wrens : The Meadowlands (2003)

Oh man, it's nearly impossible to stop at twenty. If you'd like my top 10,000 feel free to ask.

Happy New Year!