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Chris Dalby
Chris Dalby is a journalist writing about politics in a number of developing economies. He currently works for New Energy Connections where he is Senior Editor for Mexico Energy & Sustainability Review, Mexico Mining Review and Mexico Automotive Review. He is currently based in Mexico City.

He previously lived in China where he worked as a Communications Officer and speechwriter for the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and Senior Editor for the Global Times. His articles have appeared in: The Guardian, Foreign Policy, Reuters, Global Times, Spiked, Social Europe, Negocios,, China Review and China Digital Times.

He can be contacted at

Blog Entries by Chris Dalby

NATO-SCO: Partners, if not Allies

Posted December 1, 2010 | 05:05:15 (EST)

For long after the Berlin Wall was toppled, NATO seemed to be morally adrift as its primary raison d'être, opposing the Soviet Union, vanished. A flicker of meaning was returned to it after 9/11 as the 'global war on terror' took form, and the specter of Islamic terrorism hit Bali,...

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Obama Finally Toughens Up - About Time!

Posted March 26, 2010 | 18:25:40 (EST)

I remember an old line from the West Wing, when Pres. Jed Bartlett faced off against a retiring Justice who snarled: 'Americans like guts, and Republicans have got 'em.' In the last year, both sides have lived up to their stereotypes. The Republicans, despite a potentially crippling majority, have dominated...

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Why Obama Understands China Very Well

Posted November 29, 2009 | 07:18:20 (EST)

I will make a rather bold proposition. President Obama understands how to work with the Chinese government better than any recent US President.

Facing a barrage of criticism on his return from his recent Asia tour, President Obama saw supporters and critics alike lambast him for his visit to...

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Rio's Olympic Bid - Taking the Games To New Ground

Posted August 9, 2009 | 01:57:27 (EST)

Driving through Rio de Janeiro's posh Ipanema district, John Wayne is master of all he surveys. He knows the city inside out, having driven a cab here for 30 years. "Rio lost its way," he says. "The Olympics can give us back our soul. The favela kids, the beach party...

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