03/28/2010 05:12 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Live Blogging Meg Whitman's The Power of Many

"Meg was a pretty good swimmer. But at meets, I had to be there, because if she wasn't at least first or second, she'd be screaming with rage." - Meg Whitman's mother

Why does someone with a billion dollars, like Meg Whitman, want to be governor of a teardown like California? If she's so rich, why ain't she smart? Perhaps the answer lies in her new memoir, The Power of Many. It just came out today. I went to Barnes and Noble this morning and read it for free.

I have to admit, going in, that I have my own theory about what makes Meg run. I think this campaign is a combination of self-medication and marketing exercise. (Meg's proudest (and only) political achievement in The Power of Many is coming up with John McCain's campaign slogan, "Country First.") I think she's a salesman and she only values two things: Mitt Romney and success itself. Mitt's married, so she can't marry him (openly). She'll settle for winning.

I don't think she wants to govern at all; I think she just needs to win things to make the rage go away.

But that's just my theory. Let's leap right in, shall we?

Page 2: "frustrated," "angry"

Page 3: "success," "values," "values"

Page 5: "success," "values," "values," "succeeded," "values," "values," "values," "values," "values," "values"

Page 6: "values," "values," "values," "values," "successful"

Page 7: "value"

Page 8: "values," "successful," "success," "values," "values"

Page 9: "values," "values," "values," "values," "values," "values," "successful"

Page 10: "value," "value," "values"

Page 11: "values," "success"

Page 24: "value"

Page 25: "hippies"

Page 27: "values," "success," "values"

Page 30: "values"

Page 31: "values," "valued"

Page 32: "values"

Page 33: "succeed," "success"

Page 34: "Vietnam war protesters," "dismay," "bewilderment," "confused," "uncertain," "saddened," "upset"

Page 38: "values," "value"

Page 42: "succeeded," "value"

Page 45: "success," "values," "value"

Page 46: "successful," "value"

Page 50 talks about how her mother got upset when Meg's friends pretended Meg was a "pig being prepared for the county fair."

Page 54: "value"

Page 55 is where Meg says "testosterone flowed in the drinking fountains" at Disney. There's an image that's hard to shake.

Page 59: "values"

Page 60: "values"

Page 61: "successful"

Page 72: "success," "success," "success"

Page 73: Meg says her problem starting out was that she "needed to be taken more seriously." Also "values"

Page 74: "values"

Page 77: Meg's father pays her $1000 not to smoke cigarettes. "values"

Page 79: Meg loses 20 pounds at Harvard Business School.

Page 80: "valued," "values"

Page 81: "value"

Page 83: "values"

Page 88: "values"

Page 90: Meg joins the board at Goldman Sachs, but no one treats her with respect so she resigns.

Page 95: "values"

Page 111: Meg redesigns a cafeteria kitchen so you can wash potatoes in the dishwasher.

Page 121: "value," "value"

Page 123: "value"

Page 125: "value"

Pages126-129: Weird Al Yankovic

Page 132: "values," "values," "success," "values," "success," "success," "values," "values"

Page 133: "success," "success"

Page 135: "success"

Page 137: "success"

Page 141: "value and success," "valuable," "value," "value"

Page 142: "value," "ego trip," "success," "success"

Page 144: "success," "success"

Page 145: "successful," "defensive," "annoyed"

Pages 147-151 deal with the insider-trading incident where Meg made a million dollars in 24 hours, spinning stocks with Goldman Sachs, to whom she had steered eBay's business. She never admitted any wrongdoing, but she gave the money back. "envy," "common," "nothing illegal," "finger-pointing," "small fraction of my personal investment portfolio," "inflammatory," "totally false," "absurd," "assault on my personal reputation," "frustrated," "anger," "frustration"

Page 151: "settle"

Page 159: "frustrating," "successful"

Page 167: "defensive," "angry"

Page 169: "valued," "frustration"

Page 179: "success"

Page 183: "successful," "success"

Page 184: "frumpy"

You can see how this can be kind of an up-and-down ride.

Page 185: "values"

Page 193: "values" "valuable" "valued"

Page 195: "value"

Page 209: "frustration," "angry"

Page 210: "scapegoat," "angry"

But then we get to the part of the story where she makes her first billion.

Page 212: "validate," "satisfaction," "validated"

Page 214: "validation"

Page 215: "success," "validation," "validated"

Page 216: "respected," "validation," "validation," "validated"

Page 217: "validated," "success," "validation"

Page 219: "successfully," "validate," "validate," "validation," "Mitt Romney," "Mitt," "Mitt"

Page 220: "Mitt," "validates," "validation"

Page 224: "validated," "validate," "validate"

Page 234: "angry," "embarrassed," "confused," "angry"

Page 238: "successful"

Page 239: "success"

Page 240: "success," "validation"

Page 245: "success"

Page 246: "success"

Page 247: "successful," "successful," "success," "successful," "successful"

Page 252: "anger," "success"

Page 254: "values"

Heady days.

Page 256: Flashback. A childhood memory of how other mothers used to ask Meg's mother for shorter play dates.

Page 260: "Mitt Romney," "Mitt"

Page 262: "successful"

Page 263: "money," "money"

Page 264: "Mitt," "values," "Mitt," "Mitt," "Mitt, "Mitt"

Page 265: "Mitt," "Mitt," "Mitt"

Page 266: "frustration"

Page 267: "Mitt," Mitt"

Page 268: "values," "successful," "values"

Page 270: "success"

Page 271: "success"

Page 272: "values"

Page 274: "success," "Disneyland," "success"

And finally...

Acknowledgments: "successful," "values," "Mitt Romney," "valued," "successful"