Medved Minute 5/15

05/25/2011 12:05 pm ET

Four days after calling Barack Obama "stupid" and "embarrassing" for accidentally saying ten-thousand, Michael Medved's blog is back, showing us all how a smart person uses words good:

"Meanwhile, the position Gallegos held a position as "Professor of Multicultural Education." -a fashionable but ludicrous discipline, especially in a state where the white, Anglo population represents 86% of the total!"

Repeated words, disjointed clauses, missing thoughts, random punctuation.

Senator Obama was speaking. Michael Medved typed that.

It may be Anglo, but it's not English.

If you read it in context -- and there's no reason you should -- you learn that Medved's outraged at a professor at the University of Washington for earning $132,000 a year. Unlike Michael Medved, who, despite having a radio show, only owns one pair of pants, which explains the smell.

Is? Would Medved's sentence make more sense with the word "is" in it somewhere? Was? 'Tis? 'Twere? Methinks? Would a comma help? Should it be two sentences? Three? None at all? Should it just go fuck itself?

I understand that blogging is an informal art. And grammatical mistakes occur. Still, there should be some sort of stylistic line between "conversational" and "Pa from Huckleberry Finn."

This is especially true when the subject you've supposedly worked yourself into a lather over is academic decline. When you're attacking a teacher, you probably want to write a sentence with a predicate.

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