Don't Sue President Obama

05/25/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

This week we celebrate President Obama's signing of landmark health care reform legislation into law. Thanks to this historic bill, 32 million Americans will gain access to health insurance, health care will become more affordable, and no American will ever again be denied coverage when they get sick or because of pre-existing conditions.

But before the ink was even dry on President Obama's signature, the attorneys general of 13 states -- led by Florida Republican AG Bill McCollum, trying to score political points in his campaign for governor -- immediately filed a lawsuit to try to block the new law in the courts. One of my Republican opponents for California Attorney General, Tom Harman, is even encouraging current AG Jerry Brown to join them.

This is the ultimate frivolous lawsuit, brought to you by the GOP -- the party of "NO" -- and we can't let them stand in the way of progress.

As California's next Attorney General, I will always fight to put the people's interests first, not the special interests or any narrow partisan political interest.

California stands to gain tremendously from health care reform. Of the 32 million Americans who will get health coverage under the bill, as many of 7 million of them will be Californians, and everyone in our state will gain more security and stability in their health insurance coverage.

That's why I will do everything in my power as California Attorney General to defeat efforts to repeal or overturn this critical health care legislation.

And we can start, today, by urging these Republican attorneys general to drop their frivolous lawsuit against the new health care bill.

The people of California -- and all Americans -- want and deserve the benefits of health care reform. Please join me in speaking out today, and urging these attorneys general to drop their frivolous lawsuit.