03/03/2011 07:58 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

False Witness

I was out in Los Angeles at UCLA talking about the Peace Corps' 50th anniversary this week. (The Corps started when John F. Kennedy decided it was a good idea getting young people out there helping countries to develop and in the process learning something about how the rest of the world looks at things). It came to me that everything good about that idea is being assaulted these days. Huckabee was out there trashing learning anything from the rest of the world.

The whole stupidization that began with Bush's inane attempt to rename French fries. Now this guy Huckabee is going on the radio singing a song that the president isn't really 'one of us,' because his father, who stayed with him until the age of 2, infected him with some kind of foreignness.

You know: He's a Kenyan, a secret Muslim, he's over there where those African people are, where those different people live. I thought we were beyond this yahoo talk, this fear of the world, this monkey trial nonsense.

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But we're not, are we? We have knuckleheads playing to the god-knows-who crowd saying how Obama was somehow involved with the Maus Maus, hanging around madrasa schools.

All he did was right as a regular American kid, playing basketball on a championship team in Hawaii. That's what i wanted to do growing up, be a championship basketball player. He went to Catholic school, like I did.

He got into occidental college, then he went to Harvard law and made the law review. What more do you want his kid to do? He's done everything right. Look at his marriage. Michelle has done everything right. Her brother is a top basketball coach out of Oregon State. Their kids look like they're from a picture book. This isn't just the American Dream -- it's darn near perfect.

And what is this right wing goon squad doing?

They keep talking about his father? His grandfather? What about his grandfather that fought under Patton in World War II? What are these people looking for -- some evidence that he's black? Is that it?

They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

You know what's un-American? Huckabee and Newt and the rest of this.