04/07/2010 05:12 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

CBS Ensures Appropriateness for Super Bowl: Rejects Gay Ad, Accepts Christian Right Ad

NEW YORK--Super Bowl Sunday, the most anticipated advertising event of the year, could prove to be the most-viewed Super Bowl ever this weekend, expected to surpass 100 million viewers.

But this year, with an ailing economy, traditional big name players like GM and FedEx are staying clear of the almost $3.01M price tag and CBS is eagerly looking to fill its 62 spots, accepting submissions from anyone. "Well, almost anyone," the network said in a statement last week.

A commercial from gay dating site ManCrunch, which had been under consideration, was finally rejected by the network's Standards and Practices department.

"We informed the client that their ad wasn't in keeping with our Network's Broadcast Standards," a spokesperson for CBS said. "Wow, right? We really dodged the bullet on that one! Thank god they were such good sports about it because it's not like we could just flat out say their money's no good here. Nowadays we have to be more creative; this ain't the 1950s anymore."

The network instead chose to give the green light to an anti-abortion spot from Christian Right group Focus on the Family. "Plus, they paid upfront," CBS added. "Besides, this is the Super Bowl; no one wants to see lame frat humor with a gay punchline."

Anheuser-Busch says they're in negotiations to buy the rejected ad from ManCrunch.

"Oh, man--this is great," said the nation's largest brewing company. "We don't have to change a thing! We're just gonna swap out the brand and make this an ad for Bud Light instead."

CBS says it can't wait to review the last-minute submission, telling the Associated Press today: "From what we've heard so far, it sounds hysterical."