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Chris Weigant
Chris Weigant is a political commentator.

He has been a regular contributor to Arianna Huffington’s The Huffington Post since June of 2006, and also writes on his own website,

As “Tom Paine” Chris wrote the book How Democrats Can Take Back Congress in 2006, which (while obviously dated now) still has a lot of good advice for Democratic candidates today.

You can email Chris from this page.

Chris lives in sunny Northern California with his lovely wife and (mostly) well-behaved cat.

Entries by Chris Weigant

Rand Paul Stands Firm

(34) Comments | Posted June 1, 2015 | 8:59 PM

Yesterday, Senator Rand Paul stood firmly for his beliefs on the floor of the Senate. As a result, portions of the USA PATRIOT Act have been allowed to lapse today. Whether you think this is a tragedy, a victory, or even an absolute farce depends on your feelings for (or...

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Friday Talking Points -- Double Standards and Hypocrisy

(6) Comments | Posted May 29, 2015 | 8:54 PM

We're going to begin today with a rather loaded question: How much attention do you think the media should be paying towards a presidential nominee who is right now getting 13 to 15 percent support in public opinion polls of their party's voters?

It's a loaded question only because of...

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Santorum and Pataki Jump In

(10) Comments | Posted May 27, 2015 | 9:28 PM

For those of you keeping score at home, the list of official Republican candidates for president is growing by two names this week: Rick Santorum and George Pataki. This brings the official total to eight, as these two join those who have already declared: Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina,...

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Friday Talking Points -- Spinning Straw (Polls) Into Gold

(0) Comments | Posted May 22, 2015 | 8:52 PM

It's one of those rare weeks in Washington where Congress deigns to actually do their job and vote on some stuff... before lapsing back into their default status, which is of course: "taking weeks and weeks off, on vacation."

Most of the attention was focused on two big issues this...

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How Many More Wars?

(101) Comments | Posted May 20, 2015 | 8:23 PM

Jeb Bush certainly had a bad week last week, as he struggled to come up with a clear answer to a question he really should have been expecting in the first place. Other Republicans also struggled to admit that the Iraq War was indeed a mistake (which is somewhat understandable,...

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If You Care About Government Surveillance, Watch 1971 Tonight on PBS

(10) Comments | Posted May 18, 2015 | 5:52 PM

Everyone who cares at all (one way or the other) about government surveillance should watch the documentary 1971 tonight, on the PBS show Independent Lens. Everyone who has an opinion on the Edward Snowden revelations should watch this film. Everyone who has an opinion on the USA PATRIOT Act should...

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Friday Talking Points -- Is That Your Final Answer, Jeb?

(3) Comments | Posted May 15, 2015 | 8:58 PM

Jeb Bush, is that your final answer? Sure you wouldn't like to phone a friend, or maybe just get the audience's reaction first?

Heh. OK, we fully admit that we didn't come up with that snarky line ourselves. Dana Milbank of the Washington Post took the prize in the...

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A Third Dubya Term?

(52) Comments | Posted May 13, 2015 | 7:45 PM

Are American voters now being given the option of choosing a virtual third term for George W. Bush? Astonishingly enough, that seems to be the direction his brother's campaign has chosen to head towards. I use the word "astonishingly," since conventional wisdom would seem to indicate that this is a...

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Slowing the Fast Track Down

(15) Comments | Posted May 11, 2015 | 9:37 PM

There's a big political fight happening in Washington, but for once it does not break down easily along partisan lines. There are free-traders among both the Democrats and the Republicans, and opposition exists on both sides as well. But the main skirmish in this fight is currently happening between President...

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Friday Talking Points -- Giggles the Pig For Mayor!

(2) Comments | Posted May 8, 2015 | 9:10 PM

When it comes to the 2016 field of Republican presidential candidates, the rule of thumb this time around is obviously going to be "the more, the merrier!" The number of officially-announced Republican candidates actually doubled this week (from three to six), as Carly Fiorina, Ben Carson, and Mike Huckabee all...

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No Precedent for 'First Gentleman'

(57) Comments | Posted May 6, 2015 | 8:20 PM

While watching the television interview with Bill Clinton the other night, I began thinking about the practical problems of how to treat him if his wife becomes president. I have to admit, Bill did drop one offhand line about his future -- something about what he'd do if he were...

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GOP Presidential Field Doubles in Size

(29) Comments | Posted May 4, 2015 | 9:51 PM

Last week, the field of officially-announced Democratic presidential candidates doubled in size, from one person to two. This week, the Republican presidential field is likewise going to double, from three candidates to six. Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and Marco Rubio have all previously officially announced their candidacies, and this week...

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Friday Talking Points -- Run, Bernie, Run!

(15) Comments | Posted May 1, 2015 | 8:05 PM

We've got everything from hippies to Satanists to cover this week, so let's just dive right in, shall we?

The Supreme Court heard a monumental case on marriage equality, which could indeed be their last case ever on the subject (if Justice Kennedy votes the way many expect him to,...

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Bernie Sanders Jumps In

(29) Comments | Posted April 29, 2015 | 8:12 PM

We've had a President Jimmy and a President Ronnie, so why not a President Bernie?

That was my first thought on hearing the news that Senator Bernard ("Bernie") Sanders is going to formally announce his candidacy for president tomorrow. Often, first thoughts are not the most profound, as I seem...

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How Will Republicans React to Gay Marriage Decision?

(55) Comments | Posted April 27, 2015 | 9:45 PM

The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments on a marriage equality case tomorrow. At this point, it almost seems anticlimactic. Either the Supreme Court will rule that gay marriage is a constitutional right everywhere in America, or they'll try to punt and say that all states have to...

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Friday Talking Points -- Free Ponies Getting Into the Weeds

(0) Comments | Posted April 24, 2015 | 9:03 PM

We'll get to other political news in a moment, but since last week contained the date 4/20, we're going to first run down all the marijuana news. Coincidentally or not, there was a lot of it this week. So let's just begin by "getting into the weeds" of politics, as...

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Reactions to D.E.A. Chief Michele Leonhart's Resignation

(6) Comments | Posted April 22, 2015 | 9:37 PM

Yesterday, the news broke that the head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Michele Leonhart, will be resigning her post. Leonhart has long been controversial, openly contradicting the White House and President Obama at times. She was seen as out of step since both Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder...

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Toughening Up Hillary

(27) Comments | Posted April 20, 2015 | 8:47 PM

I write today to challenge what is fast becoming conventional wisdom in the political world -- in particular, the notion that Hillary Clinton really needs a strong primary challenge to "toughen her up" for the upcoming race with whomever the Republicans decide upon. When you deconstruct the logic behind this...

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Friday Talking Points -- Chasing the Scooby Van

(1) Comments | Posted April 17, 2015 | 10:57 PM

Strange but true, the "Scooby van" is now part of our political lexicon. Hillary Clinton herself is apparently to blame for this one, as this was the playful name she came up with for the van she used to get from New York to Iowa this week. The media, as...

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Is the Marijuana Vote Up for Grabs?

(14) Comments | Posted April 15, 2015 | 10:02 PM

There are very few political issues today which have not already become firmly entrenched along the same basic party lines that all our other political issues hew towards. In most cases, it's a matter of "Democrats believe X, while Republicans insist on Y." On one issue, though, there is a...

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