03/06/2015 05:59 pm ET | Updated May 06, 2015

De-Clutter Your Life

Marko Beric via Getty Images

"Less is More"
Ludwig Mies von der Rohe
( American Architect 1886-1969)
Welcome to a de-cluttered life! Of course the thought is not new but thinking and acting on it, then accomplishing it... might be. About 50 years ago there was an art movement called Minimalism. It has evolved ever since, was born out of a self-conscious movement and created out and with industrial materials. The Russian painter Kasimir Malevich (1879-1935) and the French-American painter Marcel Duchamp (1887-1968) provided important inspiration.It was and still is a reduced art-form and avoided the traditional European art influence and felt art of the past was an out-moded expression and rationalism. Bare-bone composition was the goal. The movement did not last...yet it is influential to this day, not only in the art world but in our thinking and our environment.

In the age of anxiety we might think of integrating "minimalism" into our daily lives. How so? By reducing our cluttered life, looking for moderation in all things, escalating the desire to find answers for too many hurdles, even riddles, which include people. There are people who drain your energy. are always negative, even if there is no reason for it. Clear that path, nicely, politely and with determination. The idea is to free your life of unpleasant and unkind people, unused stuff and surround yourself with people and items that are meaningful. Clutter, physical and mental, might even affect your health, for unnecessart burdens can be destabilizing.

Here are some thoughts on how to accomplish this idea. De-cluttering starts with the mind and your thinking, then it moves to your environment. It is not a myth; it just takes action. There are professionals who will assist you in rearranging your mind and your closet; they help in discarding unnecessary stuff...then again it is up to you to decide what to keep and what to let go. Strategizing to minimalize your surroundings will free you of burdensome things, dusting off the past and finding treasures. It is harder to dust off the mind! Sometimes we can only see things through a veil that needs to be cleared.

It takes a few practical thoughts and steps to de-clutter your surroundings, Items like unwanted furniture, dishes and clothing you have neither looked at nor worn in the past 24 months...give them awat. There is always someone who would enjoy them, someone less fortunate than you. Items like precious mementoes of family,of friends are not included, nor are collected treasures from journeys you love to remember or books which enriched you and wish to read again, or music you would love to hear for it reminds you of tender moments. Yet, ridding yourself of items which clutter your life will free you to explore new and other venues. Nothing wrong with holding on to treasures like wonderful pieces of art. Make a list of 'dos and dont's',this accomplishes the task more quickly.

When we think or talk about minimalism it is like streamlining your life and it starts with the mind. You can do it on you own and if not ...get help. Hold on to things dear to you and pay attention to the non-material matters which are most important in life. Think of clearing your mind of consumerism, of greed, of course acting on it and healthy thinking is part of leading a de-cluttered life.

"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no-one is thinking of changing himself."
(Leo Tolstoy - Russian Novelist 1828-1910)