11/23/2010 07:17 am ET | Updated May 25, 2011

'Stuff White People Like': Treasures From A Book Tour Around America (PHOTOS)

When I began "Stuff White People Like" back in January of 2008, my knowledge of white people was limited mostly to my 29 years of being white. But I had a traveled a bit and spent four years in graduate school, so I was still in a pretty good position to observe the habits of the modern white individual.

So I started writing about them. Little would I know that there would be so many people interested in white people and how to exploit them for personal gain. Things went well. I wrote a book, I went on a few talk shows and for a while I thought I was a man who know all he could know about being white.

Then I went on a book tour.

My travels took me to magical places like Madison, WI, Austin, TX, Portland, OR, and Chapel Hill, North Carolina. It became painfully evident that I still had a lot to learn about white people.

It was an eye opening experience that helped me realize as much as all white people were the same, in many ways they were slightly, superficially different. But then again, there are few things that white people like more than slight, superficial differences

So I've set out to continue finding all of those things that bind white people together in unity, but this time I want to take it further, I want to take it to the independent coffee shops of the college towns in the Midwest, the music festivals in rural Tennessee, the bicycle collectives in Los Angeles and many more.

"Stuff White People Like" is going regional.

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