09/13/2011 06:33 pm ET | Updated Nov 13, 2011

20 Questions: The MEV-1 Vaccine

1. Between "Up in the Air" and "Contagion," aren't you starting to rethink the common wisdom on who cheats?

2. Did you convince yourself that none of the scientists would catch the virus?

3. How many emotions flooded your brain when Dr. Erin Mears (played by Kate Winslet) sits up in her dark hotel room with a body-racking cough?

4. And how many flooded your body when she tries to offer her coat to the man pleading with a nun for a blanket?

5. The moment with Dr. Ally Hextall (played by Jennifer Ehle) kisses her sick father, testing her vaccine.

6. Weren't you proud of Dr. Orantes (played by Marion Cotillard) when she discovers the village's children will only receive a placebo?

7. Is there anything that Matt Damon can't do?

8. Shouldn't "status updates" be added to the Metric System?

9. Ever notice how quiet the president's detractors get when he does something they would like were he not the one doing it?

10. Like his speech before Congress. When President Obama agreed to move his address to Thursday, there was lots of chatter. After the address, the same people were largely silent.

11. If the folks in France would get their acts together, we'd be able to measure that silence in "status updates."

12. Queen Latifah and the Jubilee Choir's rendition of the National Anthem was the best part of the U.S. Open Women's Final, wasn't it?

13. Was poor scheduling by the United States Tennis Association (USTA) to blame for Serena Williams' loss to Samantha Stosur?

14. Is a foot fault even a real offense?

15. The athletes I prayed for (Serena, Roger, Andy Murray) all lost, while the teams I left out but hoped would win (Jets, Redskins) both won. You think God's trying to tell me something about sports praying?

16. What happens to trash-talk unfulfilled?

17. Really? Marnie (a medium and witch) possesses the body of another medium (Lafayette) that's been strengthened with the power of a Mexican sorcerer (Jesus), and she's stopped by a trail of salt and the chanting of two C-list witches and a fairy? Really?

18. And if living is such a Pittsville, why is everyone fighting so hard to keep Bill and Eric around?

19. So Tara drives off with a cute cut at the end of Season 3, and at the close of Season 4 she has her head blown open? Is this imagery intentional?

20. I think Pam was right; don't you?

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