Is The Best Shampoo Simply Baking Soda And Apple Cider Vinegar? (PHOTOS)

04/09/2013 10:37 am ET | Updated Jun 09, 2013

Washing my hair is not a priority. When it comes to the best shampoo for me, well, it's whatever happens to be in my shower (which is usually my husband's Head & Shoulders). I have a really short pixie 'do, so my hair routine is pretty low-maintenance.

But when it comes to my kids, it's another story. My daughter and son are typical children -- rambunctious, playful and, as a result, dirty. Just the sight of bubbles gets them excited ... until I pull out the shampoo bottle. My daughter generally acquiesces without much of a fight, but my son could enter the bantamweight challenge. He hates having his hair washed.

So when I read one blogger's account on how she stopped shampooing and conditioning, I was intrigued. Mari Hernandez-Tuten told that her hair routine is: "No shampoo and no conditioner. You wash your hair with baking soda and vinegar, that's it."

Hernandez-Tuten goes on to explain that she has eschewed traditional shampoo and conditioner for vanity purposes (she's trying to get her shiny locks back), and that store-bought detergents strip hair of its natural oils, causing your scalp to produce even more oil, until you're lathering up every day to avoid the dreaded "greaser" look.

The "no-poo" movement is nothing new. Back in March of 2011, W magazine editor Christa D'Souza documented her shampoo-free journey. Apparently Jessica Simpson and Prince Harry joined the movement, too and one of our own staffers has even been known to go a few weeks between washing.

While I'm all about limiting the chemicals that my family comes into contact with, the process that Hernandez-Tuten describes would be less pleasant than my son's anti-shampoo tantrums. It involves creating a paste of baking soda and water, massaging it into your scalp and hair and then conditioning it with -- wait for it -- apple cider vinegar.

I love the idea of a DIY shampoo that's chemical-free, but I can only imagine the resistance I'd get from my kids as I tried to woo them to the kitchen sink for their evening wash. The smell alone would inspire the most epic tantrums and I can't even begin to wonder what I'd have to use to bribe them (M&Ms for dinner!).

For now, I'm going to stick to Johnson & Johnson and continue to hope for "no more tears."

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