Clinton and Oregon Governor Call for Two Oregon Debates

04/23/2008 08:40 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski sent supporters an e-mail calling for two debates between Sen. Hillary Clinton and Sen. Barack Obama in advance of the Beaver State's May 20 primary.

Kulongoski, who supports Clinton, writes a note to folks on his political mailing list and includes a link to his "petition" to urge a debate, which conveniently links back to Clinton's Web site.

She appears in a video urging two debates, which is interesting since this is not something the campaign sent to the press as far as I know.

"The Pacific Northwest hasn't had a single presidential debate," Clinton tells the camera, before proposing two debates because Oregon voters deserve as much information as Iowa and New Hampshire.

One debate would be entirely focused on Oregon's rural issues, she says. "I hope that Senator Obama agrees Oregon deserves nothing less."

Here is Kulongoski's note:

In less than two weeks we'll be voting. Oregonians will make a decision which will impact the rest of our lives. The stakes cannot be higher, which is why I am standing with Hillary Clinton's challenge to hold two presidential debates - one on rural issues - right here in Oregon.

Oregon deserves just as much attention -- and just as much information to make its decision -- as Iowa, New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania.

Join me in signing a petition calling for two presidential debates in Oregon:

Debates about real issues -- Oregon issues -- are good for the state and healthy for our democracy. Tomorrow I will be touring the state talking about a new Oregon Compact -- Hillary's promise to our state to have a partner in the White House. The Compact is made up of some of the most important ideas Hillary has heard from Oregonians since the start of her campaign.

The Compact should be the starting point of the debate. How we bring green collar jobs to our state, how we make our state and nation more energy secure and how we will work together to bring health care to all Oregonians.

I could not be more proud to support a candidate who not only will work for Oregonians, but who will also listen to Oregonians. No matter which candidate you support, I hope you will join me in calling for two presidential debates on the issues in Oregon.

We need to hear the candidate's views on Oregon issues -- sign the petition today:

You deserve to hear from both candidates. I look forward to the next month and I hope Senator Obama agrees to the challenge.


Governor Ted Kulongoski

Christina Bellantoni, national political reporter, The Washington Times