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Christina George
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Christina is the recipe developer and writer behind the popular blog Dessert For Two. A self-proclaimed queen of diminutive recipes, she specializes in Southern desserts. She tackles classic Southern recipes for layer cakes, pies, cobblers and more and scales them down to just two servings. She currently resides in northeastern Kansas, but she finds a way to tell everyone she meets that she’s originally from Texas. When she’s not in her kitchen, she works at her day job in agriculture.

Entries by Christina George

Indoor S'mores

(0) Comments | Posted January 28, 2014 | 3:46 PM

It seems like this winter won't end. If the polar vortex swoops down one more time, I'm moving to the tropics.


After the winter we've had this year, I am vowing to never take spring for granted again. I...

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Peach Jalapeño Margaritas

(0) Comments | Posted July 30, 2013 | 11:55 AM


Peaches are the darlings of summertime. They drip juice down your chin so sweet, a pile of napkins is a necessity.

Lately, I've been serving platters of sliced peaches for dessert in my house. It's such a simple dessert that can only be enjoyed...

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Red Velvet Truffles

(0) Comments | Posted December 14, 2012 | 2:57 PM


It's Red Velvet season! Yes, red velvet has a season. In the South, Christmastime is when we bake towering red velvet layer cakes. Christmastime is when we set out cupcake towers for the kids piled high with red velvet cupcakes dusted with cocoa powder....

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Hummingbird Cupcakes

(1) Comments | Posted September 10, 2012 | 9:51 AM


Recipe does not contain actual hummingbirds.

I have to say things like that because unfortunately, not everyone was born in the South and grew up with delicious cakes with seemingly strange names. The origin of the name of this cake is not known, but...

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Dessert Makeovers: Frozen Style

(1) Comments | Posted August 8, 2012 | 6:04 AM

Baby, it's hot outside! But, baby still needs dessert, am I right?

I've taken some of your favorite desserts that normally need oven time, and created no-bake frozen versions. Dessert without the heat.

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First up: cheesecake popsicles. Not only are these delicious and easy,...

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Southern Sweet Tea Granita

(1) Comments | Posted July 30, 2012 | 9:24 AM


Ahh, sweet tea. It might just be the only thing you know about the South. Well, maybe you've heard we make great fried chicken, biscuits and gravy, and you might even be smart enough to know what CFS is. But sweet tea is the...

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