In Order to Grow, We Must Be Willing to Heal

05/13/2013 03:12 pm ET | Updated Jul 13, 2013


You probably know the feeling: The things you have to do are quite simple, yet it just doesn't feel like that. You know what to do, who you can get the answer or help from. But in mysterious ways, you don't do it. Something is stopping you, even though it defies all logic.

Every time we don't act on something in the outer world it's because something is stopping us in the inner world.

We have to heal our wounds in order to move forward. And if we move without the inner work, we end up taking ourselves out of the game with some form of drama or chaos we then all have to clean up. Or we hustle our way through life never really feeling our success all the way.

All of our outer longings are really about a subconscious longing to heal old wounds. The dream of more money, a beautiful home, a healthier body, a flourishing relationship -- it's all about our inner longing to transform feelings of not being good enough, of not being worthy or lovable.

That's also why our physical manifestations don't change much for us. On the contrary, many end up in great disillusionment the more things we get if we don't do the inner work. The emptiness gets bigger and a crisis of meaning sets in.

If we want to move forward in a nurturing way, we must be willing to also look inside. Willing to go deep healing on our dysfunctional patterns and issues.

I have learned to create space for healing when I'm changing and growing. That has calmed things a lot down, and with the many breaks I'm moving right along with grace and ease.

I have also stopped creating all kinds of strategies for my clients they are not willing to act on anyway. First we look inside, and soon they are on track to new heights.

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