04/08/2013 04:36 pm ET | Updated Jun 08, 2013

The Truth Has Many Facets

You may remember the movie Sliding Doors? The film plays on the thought of how things could have been. If only. If we had chosen a different partner, if we have had children, if we had made the choice of moving to a different country, if only we had arrived 10 minutes later...

I think we all from time to time experience that things happen more or less as a coincidence. That we end up in a scenario we didn't see coming. And I think many of us contemplate on the thought that things could be different.

Our choices have consequences, and every time we choose something, we could have chosen the exact opposite, which would have given us different results.

I don't use so much time anymore on whether I could have done things in a different way. I take responsibility for my choices and I rest in the belief that all is very well. I navigate after my results and feelings, and I do my best to not repeat things that don't nurture me.

And isn't that the point? That the choices we keep making are nurturing for our body, soul and life purpose.

It's our course and we can course correct as much as we need to. Our focus becomes our reality and even if it feels like the truth, the opposite is just as possible.

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