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What Is The Most Important Thing To Learn In Your Twenties?

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They say hindsight is 20/20. I'm sure we all have said at least once, "If I knew then what I knew know . . ." Some kind of time machine where we could go back and give our younger self advice may have spared us some unnecessary angst! But since the iPhone has yet to come up with that application to download, we move forward using the knowledge we acquire along the way.

Now as a thirty-something who specializes in guiding and advising twenty-somethings, I am blessed to be able to coach and counsel based on my learning experiences during that decade of my life. My own hindsight is one of my most valuable resources and inspires me to inquire from others as to what they have learned along their own journey. This weekend, I am attending Super Seminar II - "The Answer to Absolutely Everything" and will hear from over ten world renowned speakers about how to live the best year of life yet. I know this seminar will be rich with hindsight and wanted to offer a special sneak-peek.

I posed the following question to several of the amazing speakers who will be headlining the conference: "What do you think is the most important thing for a person to do and to learn in their twenties?" Here are their powerful and empowering nuggets of wisdom and insight:

To learn the art of SELF: To learn that all answers lie within, and to look inward not out for agreement and guidance. That each human being is equipped with an inner guidance system that is in harmony and flow with the Universe and abundance. To learn to still the mind so as to be able to focus and intend with clarity and power - and to learn to discipline one's mind to focus on what is working, not what is wrong in life. To learn to harness the power of emotions rather than be at the effect of them or in the "drama" and story. To be able to see the gift in everything, even the adversities, and to understand there is a great knowing and power afoot that guides each of us to experience the things we need to learn, even if it seems unfair or unfruitful at the time. And to learn that we are all connected, with others and with Mother Earth, and that life is about collaboration, not competition.
-- Marcia Martin

Every problem, anxiety, difficulty, pain, issue, failure, disappointment, discouragement, worry and every other negativity I've ever had was either in the past or the future. In this exact present moment they are not there. If this is true, and it is, then I would be wise to learn how to be present more often, more consistently. I wish I would have listened to my wise grandmother sooner, when I was younger. She used to tell me, "The journey is the destination, after all." In other words, there is no there there. Or as Buckminster Fuller said, "This isn't it is it. We are designed to stay in motion." And, that involvement and participation, when coupled with awareness and conscious choice, are keys to being present. And everything we want is in the present moment. Looking back from what I used to think was older, in my 60's, I have learned--there is no hurry. When I follow my inner guidance the results and experience is always positive. 100%. Learning how to do that well is a lifetime process. A good one. This enduring teaching is often expressed as, "Follow your heart." and "To thine own self be true." And if I wanted to simplify this and anything else I've learned about how to live a rich, fulfilling, abundant, joyful, happy, healthy life I'd say, learn to be more loving, and then practice being more loving. For from love flows all good things.
--Terry Tillman

My response is for them to learn how to truly connect and create meaningful "live" networks (vs Facebook/technology based which comes easily to their generation) among all generations of influencers. This Y generation has the smarts.
-- Dr. Joel Martin

The most important thing for a person to do and to learn in their twenties is to find out what they want to do because the rest of their lives will go in the direction which they choose.
--Dr. Marianna Lead

The most important things a person in their twenties could learn is and do is to "think for yourself". They should learn to break the spell of peer and social conformity and learn to be an individual in their own rights with heir own gifts. They should think the unthinkable, and come off automatic pilot of what the world often tells them -- that they are not enough and they should be like everybody else and follow the program. They should be brave and take a stand for themselves, and interrupt the chatter of sameness, so they can live the life they were meant to live. They should pursue questions that may not have an easy answer, but ask them in the challenge to pulling themselves forward with answers that may not be obvious. If I were twenty-something again, I would question "why am I here, what is my purpose, who am I, and what is my unique gift?" I suggest that twenties are the perfect age to study metaphysics and phenomenology and the great religions of the world, so that the young adult keeps their minds open to possibility without having to conclude. They may learn to appreciate the joy of engaging in the mysteries of being, and what is possible to become. -- Dr. Ray Blanchard

I think one of the most important things young people need to learn is how to understand and better regulate their emotions. Change and an ever-increasing amount of information and experiences are bombarding all of us. Young people often lack the emotional maturity to handle these challenges. The myriad of emotions and feelings that result can make decisions, communication, relationships and life difficult to manage. Emotional skills are not taught in schools and certainly not modeled by society in general. Learning how to maintain balance and poise amidst the chaos and confusion associated with these times will be the key to leading successful and happy lives. This is of course true for all of us but people in their 20's today will be leaders of the future and we need to equip them to become custodians of our future world. -- Howard Martin, Executive Vice President, HeartMath LLC and Co-author, The HeartMath Solution

All the speakers quoted above will be appearing at the Super Seminar II which is designed to take individuals to the next level of reality practically and spiritually. Hopefully their hindsight can become part of your foresight. And as you move forward and continue to collect your own hindsight, remember to take a look around and appreciate what is right in front of you.

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