01/09/2014 02:52 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2014

The Power of Perspective

Look at an item that is in front of you, whether it is a pen, your iPhone, or even a piece of paper.

Now turn that item to its side and look at it.

Does it look the same? Is it the same item?

Well, this is how I stepped away from the negativity around me and decided to turn it around and around and around until it was something that I could use.

Every factor about the challenge itself will be exactly the same but as you change your perspective, the challenge itself will look completely different.

Like most, I've been a victim of anger, hatred, sadness, and fear. I've been hurt by those who are closest to me. I've been hurt by those who were suppose to protect me.

But instead of absorbing the anger and spitting it back out to others, I decided to look at it differently. I stepped back. I didn't let the anger get absorbed anymore. Instead, I decided to turn this challenge around. When I flip my iPhone over, I see a beauty and the beast drawing which makes sure my iPhone doesn't get broken. Just like that, I flipped the challenge over, and behind it was a person in pain, a person looking for a direction, a person looking for forgiveness, and a person looking for love.

By changing my perspective, I gained hope. This is how I stepped up and help me move on. This is how I made a step forward. Seeing my challenges in different perspective. Deciding that I can use my challenges to help. To be the lending hand to those who hurt me. To be the love that they need so that they no longer feel the anger to hurt those around them. To be the prayer that they need.

This, of course, was a challenge in itself. But I started to heal. I started not to feel angry anymore. I started to feel empathy. I was grateful.

Your challenges, your obstacles..the way you choose to see, the choice is up to you.

Change it to a stepping stone. Flip the problem over and over and over until you start to understand every single side of the problem. Then it will turn into a stepping stone instead of a mountain. Then it will turn into an accomplishment, not an impossible obstacle.

No matter what you are going through in life, no matter what your pains are, no matter what your goals are, try changing your perspective and see what happens.

Have you been hurt by those around you? Instead of thinking that the person that hurt you are just a mean person and thinking, why me? Go deeper. What are they scared of? Are they suffering any pains? Are they lost?

Maybe they were protecting you by hurting you. Maybe they are scared. Or Maybe they are the ones who are in pain.

Are you struggling financially? You are not broke or poor. You are gaining an experience. This is a challenge which will make you appreciate the value of money, this is another motivation for that goal of yours, this will make you more compassionate.

Do you feel ugly? Do you define beauty by image? You were created in the image of your parents, do you call your parents' ugly? Do you let strangers like marketers define what beauty is or do you let yourself and those who love you define what beauty is?

Change your perspectives. See what you are capable of. Never doubt yourself.