02/14/2012 07:30 pm ET | Updated Apr 15, 2012

Foxconn Hacked! (Could It Be You?)

The headline I read said, "Foxconn Hacked," and it shouted out and off the page, the underlying implication being that there might some downstream issues if Foxconn Technology group (part of the Hon Hai Precision Industry of Taipei and one of the largest contract manufacturers on the planet) had their infrastructure invaded, executive email collected and posted, etc. There just might be, but we'll let Foxconn and those who contracted their services noodle on that situation and work through their "all hands on deck" emergency.

Instead, let's focus on how this headline could have featured your company's name instead of Foxconn's, and let this be a teachable moment.

Action Required: Update your device's software! That's it.

All devices that utilize software are subjected to continued review and scrutiny as technological advances may reveal vulnerabilities that the vendor/creator could not have been aware of when the device was sold. Vendors provide revisions, updates and patches to address just this issue. But, if you don't update your software or execute the patch, then you have left open the "window of vulnerability." And that window of vulnerability is no longer one only known to the manufacturer, but is now known to any entity with the motivation to attack you, be they cyber criminals or cyber savvy protesting entities focused on your industry, they are counting on you not to update your software, leaving yourself as "easy pickens."

The headlines read, "Foxconn Hacked," but could it have just as easily had your name instead? Keep you, your company, and your customers safe by staying secure and closing those windows.

See the Guardian piece on the Hack.