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Wi-Fi: Three Steps to Stay Safe

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Those who have followed my writing on the subject of Wi-Fi security know my passion for taking seemingly basic steps to keep one's wireless activity safe and secure. In a recent survey conducted by the Wi-Fi Alliance 86% of all respondents had taken the appropriate steps to secure their routers, but only 56% had taken the step to create a "hard" password, thus making themselves vulnerable to dictionary attacks or the like.

So, let's make it as simple as possible for both you and your family, please take three basic steps to keep yourself and your online experience via WiFi secure:

  1. WPA2 encryption
  2. Use strong passwords {example: B@iJH91(~(K} and don't reuse the password for another purpose. If you share the password with a visitor, change the password when their visit has concluded.
  3. When using public networks, only use networks you know and if using open (non-secured) networks, only use HTTPS connections.

Please keep yourself, safe and secure.
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