It's Summer, Darlings

07/27/2010 12:06 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

So, you need a soundtrack for your summer to fall in love to?

With the country at war, oil spilling to our shores, heat waves tipping their hands at what's on the horizon, you wouldn't expect your romance music to come neatly packaged and off the shelf, would you?

If you would, it's best to keep away from Summer Darling, the band trying to bring rock back from its tour of dog grooming and perfectly polished spikes.

Tons of buzz coming out of Silver Lake about this crew -- everything seeming to show that this is the next band to gain an underground following that will eventually become heartbroken once Summer Darling makes it big and their nobody's favorite local band anymore.

Bet this: They'll be exploding off of everyone's playlist mix by the end of August.

See now, there's plenty to rise up from the sun-stroked streets of Los Angeles -- you just have to get past your love for noir exteriors and engage in the hunt for decent music.

Listening to their self titled debut Summer Darling reminded me of the first time I heard Jane's Addiction -- how the music seemed to evaporate right into the sunlight and the rain back down on you when you thought it was a bit too warm.

The quartet of Benjamin Heywood, Dan Rossiter, Heather Heywood and Todd Spitzer have emerged with something that cannot be traced to a specific sound or time.

I'm not a music critic or a reviewer with any knowledge of rock n' roll. I can't tell you who played what on which album or who produced what song on that one Rolling Stone's record. I'm a writer who takes the train to work everyday and looks for music to take me away from the grind, or at the very least, make me see it in a different way.

This, for me, is extremely romantic like dirty Blues is romantic. It's a raft trip down the river but without a charted plan. Before you know it, you're riding the currents of straying guitars, foreboding bass, and driving drums until you've reach a port when the lyrics wrap around you like tree branches left over from a set that Tim Burton decided not to use at the last moment.

I got in early and ordered vinyl hand-pressed limited edition album that just happens to be, well, origami. Yes. There's 500 in the limited run -- so all you record nerds out there who love something special and good, I believe this what you're looking for.

Like everything in this here digital world, you can follow them on Facebook and Twitter. When you return from your summer musings and people ask you how you spent your time under the sun, you can tell them you got lost with some amazing darlings from Silver Lake.

Enjoy the quiet moments of intimacy, they'll soon belong to the world.