Mostly NFL Thoughts and Observations from a Fantasy Sports Worker - Week 8

10/30/2010 12:02 pm ET | Updated May 25, 2011

  • I bet Ryan Succop had to take a lot of crap for his name when he was a kid. Now he's the starting kicker on my fantasy team.

  • If Brett Favre were to miss Sunday's game against the Pats, Peyton Manning would have the longest games-played streak in the NFL. And Eli Manning would be second. Like Bernie Goetz, they only look soft.

  • For you stat-heads out there who realize the importance of yards per passing attempt (YPA) on offense, YPA allowed on defense, and net YPA (Offensive YPA minus Defensive YPA) as a reliable measure of team strength, note the following:

  • Team A has a net YPA of -0.6, while Team B has a net YPA of 2.8 so far this year. For fun, Team C had a net YPA of 2.5 over a full 16-game season a few years ago.

    Team A is the New York Jets, and Team B is the San Diego Chargers who lead the NFL in total offense, total defense, per-play offense and per-play defense this year, but sit at 2-5 despite having Oakland, Arizona, St. Louis, Seattle and Jacksonville on the schedule for five of their first seven games.

    Team C incidentally is the 16-0 2007 New England Patriots. Put differently, Wade Phillips can only dream of underachieving on Norv Turner's scale. Essentially a net YPA over 2.0 is Super Bowl caliber (Hat tip: Mike Salfino).

  • Blake Griffin is going to be an absolute monster if he can stay healthy. He's got Amar'e Stoudemire quickness and Carlos Boozer strength. He's Chris Webber with more polish, and he can jump out of the gym.

  • LeBron should have gone to the Clips because he'd be able to play in the second biggest market alongside a rising star, get all the credit and take it to Kobe in his own building. Actually, LeBron should have done whatever he wanted - he was a free agent, and his new commercial defending himself is beyond stupid.

  • Wes Welker is droppable in non-PPR leagues. Sure, everyone loves the "little [white] engine that could," but let's be honest - at least half of that was due to Randy Moss keeping the safeties deep, and Welker's not even 100 percent healthy after his knee surgery.

  • The last episode of Dexter was a good illustration of why our constitution has due process protections. Granted Dexter's "code" is a bit different from the due process afforded by law, but it's a good deal more rigorous than what some openly advocate.

  • Terrell Owens was voted the league's most overrated player by his peers according to an SI poll. It's therefore impossible that he's actually overrated since everyone seems to agree that he's not really that good.

  • In seven seasons under Tom Coughlin, the Giants have been 5-2 after seven games six times. The one time they weren't was 2008, when they were 6-1. (Hat tip: Mike Garafolo - Newark Star-Ledger). Incidentally, I have them at 16:1 to win the Super Bowl (bought in July) and 25:1 to win it (bought in September).

  • If the Panthers had stuck with Matt Moore (who threw for 308 yards Sunday on 7.5 yards per attempt), they might well be 3-3 instead of 1-5, and very much in the thick of things in the NFC. That they did not pains me greatly considering I have them at 12:1 (and another ticket at 8:1) to win the NFC South and 175:1 to win the Super Bowl.

  • I'm not a big fan of Halloween for people over 12. I have no desire to dress up as someone else, so I just feel like an idiot when I'm the only one not wearing a costume.

  • If you're into fantasy hoops, check out Andre' Snellings' Hoops Lab. He predicted Rajon Rondo would lead the NBA in assists - and after Rondo's 24-assist game Friday night, it's looking pretty good.

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