01/05/2011 12:04 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

2011 Privacy Ins and Outs

To kickoff the New Year, the Future of Privacy Forum has released their first annual list of privacy ins and outs for 2011:

Out: Cookies (the tracking kind)
In: Cupcakes (sold in a mobile truck)

Out: FIPPS light
In: The full FIPPS

Out: Self-Regulation
In: Self-Regulation

Out: Boucher-Stearns Bill
In: _____________ Bill

Out: Buried Privacy Notices
In: Nutritional Label Privacy Notices

Out: No Practices Are Acceptable
In: Commonly Accepted Practices

Out: Privacy by Fortuity
In: Privacy by Design

Out: Only online data protected
In: Business cards in a fishbowl protected

Out: Global skepticism of US privacy commitment
In: Recognition of FTC in official global Data Protection Authority group

Out: "None of your business what data we have"
In: Access

Out: Do Not Regulate
In: Do Not Track

Out: Privacy Roundtables
In: Privacy Protections

Out: Marketing Department
In: Department of Commerce

Out: Deep Packet Inspection
In: Deep Concerns About Online Tracking

Out: Burqas
In: Full Body Scanners

Out: New Years' Privacy Resolutions
In: Telling everyone everything online

Out: "The Social Network"
In: Person of the Year

Wolf and Polonetsky are co-chairs of the Future of Privacy Forum, a think tank in Washington, DC that promotes responsible data practices.