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Chuck D

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The Tech Industry: Revenge of the Nerds?

Posted June 1, 2010 | 10:27:15 (EST)

Facebook's recent antics have tested the faith of its users; wireless carriers are posting massive profits (no doubt, due in large part to Blacks and Latinos out-indexing each month in expenditures); statistical reports demonstrate "surprising" facts that young, hip users of color are also out-indexing in Twitter usage; there are...

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"By the Time I Get to Arizona" -- This Discrimination Must Stop

Posted April 26, 2010 | 17:22:01 (EST)

The Arizona immigration bill -- which Governor Jan Brewer has decided to sign into law -- is racist, deceitful, and reflects some of the most mean-spirited politics against immigrants that the country has ever seen. The power that this law gives to police to detain people that they suspect to...

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