Community Season 3, Ep. 5: Horror Fiction in Seven Spooky Steps

10/30/2011 09:52 am ET | Updated Dec 28, 2011

This week's Halloween episode opens with our favorite Greendale Human Beings having a pre-party. Pierce doesn't seem to get it, but Britta explains that it's "informal, intimate and just for us." Annie jokes about Britta's party playlist lacking in choices: "There's nothing in your playlist except spooky party, the Beetlejuice soundtrack and NPR podcasts."

When Jeff arrives, Britta tells him that she received the results of the psych personality tests she gave to the group. According to the test, one of the seven in the study group has an extreme personality disorder. Could one of the seven be a murderous sociopath?

Jeff tries to calm Britta by suggesting that she "Britta-ed" the scoring of the test. The group is now using "to Britta" as a euphemism for making a small mistake. She's not convinced and keeps the gang in the study room to tell ghost stories. They'll be able to figure out who the the sociopath in the group is by telling ghost stories and assessing their reactions.


Britta begins with a classic story about a couple making out in the woods. The group follows with their own takes. Abed's story is over-analyzed and -narrated. Annie's features a vampire, a fair damsel in distress and a twist ending. The group is visibly disturbed with the image of a werewolf tearing a part a vampire to shreds. Troy's story features himself and Abed, naturally, as two military pilots stranded in the forest. They come upon a mad scientist, Pierce, and get closer than they've ever been. Troy and Abed sewn togeeeether!

Pierce is upset that he's the mad scientist, so her comes back with a story to demonstrate that he is the group's "crazy old racist friend." Britta, Annie and Shirley make an appearance in lingerie and Troy and Abed show up as stereotypical thugs. This is Pierce's story, after all. Shirley's take on the horror story is more sermon than story. In it, she comes down from heaven after being raptured to tell the group they should have been better Christians. Dean Pelton, dressed as a sexy devil, chases the group around with a chainsaw and threats of gay marriage.

As the stories get progressively worse, the gang gets fed up and tries to leave for the Greendale Halloween dance. Britta blocks them and finally explains that according to the personality tests, someone in the group has homicidal tendencies. After telling a second story about the group being murdered around Greendale, the group turns on Britta. Abed points out that only a sociopath would use such an approach to figure out how is a sociopath.

Annie tries to diffuse the situation, but then the lights go out. Everyone grabs crude weapons. Jeff steps in to finally tell his own horror story. He fails to calm every one down, especially after admitting that he didn't take the test seriously.

It's not until Annie notices that Britta "Britta-ed" the scoring of the Scantron test that everyone calms down. They run the tests through the Scantron machine one more time to find who has issues. The result isn't too surprising.

As for the episode, I liked it more than last year's Halloween episode Epidemiology. Perhaps the producers didn't have the budget to go as big as last year. I don't mind. I'm a fan of the episodes where it's pretty much the group, with maybe an appearance or two from Chang and a cross-dressing Dean Pelton.

Crib Sheet

Annie: There's nothing in your playlist except spooky party, the Beetlejuice soundtrack and NPR podcasts

Britta: "I don't care, I lived in New York."

Troy: You ruined a Britta party. That's like letting poop spoil.

Troy: Why are you always so determined to have us relax and put down our weapons?

Jeff: Wow, you Britta-ed Britta.